Manhunt has ratings and reviews. Will said: After Booth did his thing at Ford’s theater, it took the combined forces of the United States, V. James Swanson’s vivid, well-researched book is a record of Booth’s attempt to evade capture following this daring killing, and his journey – at. Instead of the comprehensive treatment of the Lincoln conspiracy offered by Michael W. Kauffman in American Brutus (), Swanson focuses.

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On the other hand, Lucinda Holloway who ministered to the mortally wounded Booth on the porch of the Garrett farm receives favorable treatment.


From April 14 to April 26,the assassin led Union cavalry and detectives on a wild twelve-day chase through the streets of Washington, D. Richmond fell to Union troops, Jefferson Davis was on the run, the government of the Confederacy collapsed, Lincoln was assassinated, and a 12 day manhunt was launched for his killer, John Wilkes Booth.

Aug 23, Swahson.

In telling this tale, the author also provides us with a window on a particular time in American history, what life was like, what the values of the day were. Swanson’s twist in writing of this period of national distress This book solidly succeeds in the genre of works that promise to be of compelling reading to the non-history-minded reader while being based on solid historical research.

I guess in the end what I would say is that this is a very good book, but not a good book for me.

It’s pacing is more than solid. I’m honestly impressed how the author kept the pace up almost through out. But then the war ended.

The old cliche that “I couldn’t put it down” holds true for this vivid day-by-day and almost minute-by-minute account of the day search for John Wilkes Booth. Even the restored theater which commemorates the crime against Lincoln also serves as a Booth museum.


Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer

I am again borrowing from another when I sum up Booth’s flight south thusly: It’s never exactly sold to your average American school kid as anything other than the dry memorization of mnhunt and the odd recitation of speeches like the Gettysburg Address. Want to Read saving…. How the heck did Swanson manage to make this very well-known story so riveting?

Even though I knew the story, I was captivated by the narrative and the interactions among the major characters. Aug 29, Matt Chittum rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Farmer Garrett himself was thrown in prison.

I laughed out loud when Herold and Garrett stood arguing on the front lawn as the oblivious cavalry thundered by them, and the terrified uh-huh Herold essentially said “OK, yeah, so we’ll be leaving Swanson obviously is fascinated by this topic, and it comes through in his narrative. Swanson takes the reader through a concise, dramatic retelling of the titular 12 days following the assassination during which Booth attempted to cross into the more sympathetic deep south, the manhunt that comprised literally thousands of people determined to find him, and the men and women who found themselves suddenly becoming part of history when Booth sought their help.

Lincoln was murdered sqanson John Wilkes Booth, who was an actor. Booth knew every inch of the theater and was known and trusted by its staff as a great actor who had performed there. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Booth’s flight was likely desperate and by using this source material the flight becomes romanticized. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Swanson clearly sympathizes with Booth’s situation and with that of his compatriots who, however misguided, certainly seemed to feel justified in what they were doing.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Samuel Mudd, who set Booth’s leg after he broke it jumping to the stage of Ford’s Theatre, made up a long, vague series of lies that began with him saying he didn’t even know it was Booth whose leg he set, then vaguely backpedaled on the facts to try to disassociate himself from any knowledge or participation in mangunt plot.


Manhunt by James L. Swanson – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Jan 13, Dan rated it really liked it. The conspirators never even found Andrew Johnson. Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime It appears that for whatever reason, Swanson does not like Laura Keene and has decided to portray her in a pejorative light. A Confederate sympathizer and a member of a celebrated acting family, Booth threw away his fame and wealth for a chance to avenge the South’s defeat.

It had been used for years as a government office building Ford was manhnt for the building by the government in A meeting location was Mary Surratt’s tavern, and one of Booth’s confidants was her son, John. In The Blood RelicsSwanson writes about the moment when he decided jamds write Manhunt and what items remain from the event There are several more articles relating to Lincoln’s assassination in this issue Sarah Vowell will give you the background with some snark thrown in, and this book fills in the details.

This is an interesting recount of what was going on around Was I was reading the chapter where Booth is about to shoot Lincoln and I found myself sitting tensely in the chair with the book close to my face and hurredly turning the pages to find out if he gets away with it, or does he get caught!

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