In this article, we’ll cover the first part of Chapter Fifteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both. In this article, we’ll cover of Chapter Sixteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and. In this article, we’ll cover Chapter Fourteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and.

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Published September 16th by Tor Books first published With so many forces converging onto Darujhistan, it was just crazy encounter after encounter, fight after fight. A recent column by Orson Scott Card enumerated four qualities that he felt defined true greatness in novels.

Then we have the storyline of Cutter and later Challice. The forms crumble and dissolve. At least, I think that’s what I heard. Don’t tell this to a historian: They all know beforehand that the bad things are coming to them, and nobody lifts his finger to do anything in advance, no kind of preparations until shit really hits the fan. It likely did not help that I had to try and remember who some of the lesser characters were again.

Step and step, now, step and step. After a near year long break from the Malazan series I found the start of this one a little hard to get into in the early stages. You know a writer is doing a good job when you start hoping he’ll kill someone off. Piss on the blade? The story of the novel focused on the characters in Darujhistan and the Tiste Andii race. I really cannot express how great that ending was.

Travis It was released in as an audiobook. Since it is book 8 in a series of ths, and my cravings for more gets ever stronger, I’m beginning to fret over the fact that it’s closing to an end.

This made my reading experience much less boring than it was supposed to be. Buildings raised and torn down. And I mean it picked up!


The third scene plays out in a village, where two girls notice the departure of a dog, and decide to follow.

Also Karsa’s interactions with Samar Dev were really well written to show subtle development in both characters and his bro-mance with fellow badass Traveller was awesome. Without getting too spoilery put a tag on just in caseview spoiler [I think this is all down to the ending being chosen. Assassins skulk in alleyways, but the quarry has turned and the hunters become the hunted.

And, I look forward to reading the final two Erikson books after I have read the next two Esslemont ones: Against all odds, Toll the Hounds blew my mind away and became one of my favorite installment within the series.

Toll the Hounds

Also, I had a hard time figuring out exactly what was going on in some areas of the story. Glory and portent, delightful reunion and terrible imminence, winged this and winged that and escapes and releases and pending clashes and nefarious demands for recompense over a single mouthful of spat wine, such a thf Not sorry I did!

Convergence of characters, of destinies, past and future, old and new, friends and enemies, lovers, ascendants, gods, mules – all coming to a single crossroad.

The second is set in the realm of Dragnipur, where it is suggested that the Wagon is becoming very difficult to pull, as more souls keep dying, while on the horizon, Chaos steadily advances on the Gate of Kurald Galain. Each novel is, itself, epic in scope: Open Preview See a Problem?

This was due to the presence of more subplots and arcs in the narrative; all masterfully intertwined towards the aforementioned convergence that was most poignantly expressed in the voice of Kruppe.

Of course, as the eighth book in the series, I can’t really recommend this novel to readers who haven’t read the first seven in the series: Here is one I happened to stumble upon.

Return to Book Page. And yet, I leave it without being overwhelmed with emotion, no weeping buckets or stress palpitations. Tpll worst thing a storyteller can do is have characters you don’t care about. The giant oaf cannot linger, or worse, malinger. Deep within the sword, Chaos and Dark are about to battle each other to extinction, possibly ending the world and all realms in it.


One person may be crucial to success or failure, but chances are that another and another and another and another also were. They are some of the best, nutty characters I have encountered in thr storyline, and I have to say I cannot fault the way that Erikson writes them as they fascinate and beguile me: The word ‘epic’ will not even begin to describe the hounda of almost all the major, or biggest, or most badass characters, descending upon the unwitting citizens of the City of Blue Fire.

Some characters will pop up in one book and then won’t be seen for several more or, more likely, die; not that that would preclude them from impacting the story. The one who was worth it.

No one really, it’s a compulsion. Iskaral Pust rode like a madman. Someone, Karsa realizes, not even he can cross. We also see a rise in the followers of The Crippled God who has been an ever-growing problem for many of the characters within this world and seeing his power increasing is certainly unnerving.

View all 9 comments. Erikson does as well. He has a desperate plan to face what seems inevitable, but little does he know that a blind Tiste Andii has an agenda of his own. Only two more books to go now.

Toll the Hounds | Malazan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The chaos in you, yes, a fire on the promontory, a beacon piercing the profound entropy we saw all around us. They expect to be awestruck. This novel is dedicated to the memory of my father, R.

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