The RX5 and DC Lossnay units have a bypass function that The ducts on the RX5 Lossnay units can be connected in two different directions to the outdoor. Pre-heat unit must be installed from Lossnay unit as far as possible, because of fire prevention. • Select and operate Pre-heat unit that Lossnay supply intake air. Lossnay heat-exchange technology provides for highly effective ventilation systems with minimal energy loss. The Lossnay core is made up of a cross-flow.

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These checks are part of a unique commitment to building relationships with customers, understanding their specific unots needs and responding to them positively and promptly. Example of a 4 outlet Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilation System installed in your home with a simple to use contoller, just set it and forget – it will do the rest. Where Lossnay gets really clever is with its environmentally friendly ‘Energy Recovery’ system. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

This air is then replaced with allergen reduced fresh air from outside unlike some systems that recycle it from the dust-filled unit. You may find this useful…. Particularly suitable for modern homes with high insulation afforded by double glazing and cavity insulation, which require ventilation to remove stale air without major heat loss. Mitsubishi Electric is a world-leading supplier of energy efficient unitd that will cool, heat, ventilate and control buildings.

Add to Cart Read more. Additionally the new controller has a vast range of added functionality allowing for flexibility on application and increased energy saving. Our dedicated customer service team work hard to ensure the highest standards are met so that your goods arrive on-time and in pristine condition.

  ASTM D2726 PDF

You can opt in to receive information about other Mitsubishi Electric goods and services, promotions or events optional.

During summer nights the night purge function of the Lossnay units allows cooler fresh air to be brought into the building via the bypass damper, to reduce internal temperatures and cool the building fabric therefore reducing the load on the air conditioning system the next morning. Please click here to view delivery costs. The new Climaveneta Wizard Air Handling Unifs AHU’s utilise Mr Slim Power Inverter heat pump technology, efficient thermal wheel heat recovery technology and an integrated controls system making them highly advanced, flexible and efficient.

Extracts air Extracts stale air removing toxins and reducing humidity. Semi Rigid Radial Ducting. Worldwide delivery is possible on almost all our products at very low delivery costs, Delivery to countries outside the EU are normally delivered to the nearest customs office, port or terminal for the purchaser to collect and complete custom clearance.

We deliver on Service Key components such as Ductwork and fittings plus the most popular selling MVHR units are kept in stock in our UK-based warehouse, which means that you receive the best possible delivery dates.

How Lossnay works? // Mitsubishi Electric

Designed in Japan for New Zealand conditions, the Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house to remove damp, odours, dust, bacteria and gasses.

Term of Use Privacy Cookie Policy. Play the product video. Request a call back All deliveries co-ordinated to suit your specific requirements and construction programme.

Commercial Heat Recovery Units. The Lossnay range of units have been developed to suit both commercial and domestic applications and benefit from heat recovery technology, ensuring effective fresh air ventilation whatever the type of building.


Specialist team fully conversant with all documentation requirements for a smooth order and delivery service. Domestic Lossnay Particularly suitable for modern homes with high insulation afforded by double glazing and cavity insulation, which require ventilation to remove stale air without major heat loss.


Our customer service teams always contact customers to confirm when delivery is required and to check that the goods can be received. This also works in the reverse, if the outside temperature is higher than preferred levels, the inside air will be cooled by extracted air.

Inits Heating Service and Maintenance Brochure. Our Product Catalogue has unnits complete range of current products, including technical specification, so for more information please download this.

To accompany the fresh air that Lossnay will supply to your home, we suggest using a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump to warm the air in your home, providing you with a healthy and comfortable living environment all year round.

Commercial Lossnay This commercially oriented unitd can be utilised virtually anywhere to extract stale air and then recover the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. Download Brochure Make an Enquiry.

Delivery is available within 48 hrs in most cases for hundreds of stock items. Put simply, energy within the stale air can be recovered and used to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air being vented in.