Carole Bellacera has 17 books on Goodreads with ratings. Carole Bellacera’s most popular book is Lily of the Springs. Lily of the Springs by Carole Bellacera – book cover, description, publication history. The 50’s Drive-in Movies, Doo-wop Music and Love in the Back Seat of a ’51 Plymouth.

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Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers Favorite “Lily of the Springs” by Sprrings Bellacera transports us back to the s and s with strong reminders of the morals, music, love and turbulence of the times.

But is true what they say Love is blind, and specially when you have kids and no means to provide for them, the choices seem limited, but Lily always had dreams, and she was not only smart but resilient and ultimately very inspiring.

Carole Bellacera has such a gift for storytelling and with this book I could feel everything the heroine was going through. All the while Carole does an excellent job of describing the settings as the story develops.

Lily’s character is crafted with the realism of a woman with an a-hole husband but trying to make the relationship stick. I hope Carole Bellacera continues to write more books similar to this one.

Haven’t read a story like this in which I had to stop around 3am in the longest. That said I only gave it four stars because I was so exasperated by the end of it that it took the heroine the entire lil to come to her senses caorle the “love” of her life.

I have always believed in karma and this novel just goes to show that it. There will be times when you want to stop reading.


Smashwords – Lily of the Springs – A book by Carole Bellacera – page 1

However, so happy to have done so. Deep down I think he did love Lily Rae but had a hard time showing his emotions and coming from a home where his parents had a very violent and abusive relationship, I guess he couldn’t escape what he was bound to become. We went to church every Sunday and every Wednesday evening. Lily was a fun, tragic, in First off I have to thank Taryn for writing a fantastic review that had me leapfrogging everything on my huge TBR list and going headfirst into a book that would have otherwise been off my radar.

Sorry, couldnt move past the honky tonk talk. It makes you appreciate the way things are nowadays and at the same time to wish you were there to experience this way of life.

And though I thought that Lily was letting him walk all over her, I really wanted everything to work out even though when Jinx gave birth to a son after her husband’s death, I knew that it never could, no matter how much I wanted it to.

But that doesn’t matter to Lily as she realizes that she is in love with him and in fact always has been. Who has been looking for her all those years? Lily of the Springs will forever be a story in my heart. An average girl growing up in Kentucky. He oftentimes would embarrass her, sometimes in situations with other women who he obviously lusted for. Carole Bellacera is a master storyteller.

Sprimgs kind of bad boy you want your daughter to stay away from.

Erotic, sprlngs, shattering, realistic–Carole Bellacera’s new romance novel has them all and a whole lot more. At times he was so tender and loving.


Lily of the Springs – Carole Bellacera – Google Books

This time it was Carrie Underwood’s, So Small. She goes belacera church on Sunday’s with her family, goes to Bible school during the summer’s, and is a “good girl” who isn’t willing to go all the way with her boyfriend. This is one of those stories that sticks with you long after you read it. The first chapter was so gripping that I knew this book was slrings to be a wild ride, and boy was I right.

Books by Carole Bellacera

Carole Bellacera is a master storyteller So many emotions were running through my mind when I finished reading, that I felt I needed time to sptings them. So he sought out someone else, devastating Lily.

Even though Jake was reluctant. I just honestly feel that if he had stopped drinking he could have been a good guy, and silly old me thought for sure he would change his ways.

Lily of the Springs

I really did bllacera Lily so much and wanted only the best for her. Every once in a while I’ll read a book where I get this feeling, like it’s reaching out to me, letting me know these are real words form a real person.

Unfortunately marriage does not stop his womanizing ways. Instead of flowers and chocolates, she gets fists flying into her head and verbal degradations spewing from Jake’s lips.