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This was done using the variables contained in the questionnaire on factors related to behavior problems, which identified the best predictors, on the basis of which subgroups were created that could potentially explain the dependent variable.

To this end, a test was administered to identify the psychological characteristics of depression. Regarding the relationship between gender and syndrome, both introversion and somatization in females occurred almost twice as often in males.

Psicopatología: psicología anormal : el problema de la conducta inadaptada

As for the teachings related to forms of socialization, migrants’ children, the majority of whom are adolescents, felt that this was achieved to a certain extent or quite a lot, followed by those who thought that this was achieved to a great extent.

At the same time, however, Based on the idea of the family as the basis of children’s mental health, migration may produce a risky situation in this regard, since it creates a greater likelihood of the expression of emotional and behavioral problems in children. The names of the seven syndromes are considered brief descriptions of the items comprising them rather than diagnostic labels. Conclusions The results indicated that 40 percent of these young people, representing the sum of those with borderline and clinical levels, are at risk, since they display some kind of problem that requires attention.

The mother, who is usually distressed, tries to restore the father to the same role he had before he emigrated and serves as a mediator between him and the children. In this respect, the author adds that the Pew Hispanic Center reports that 42 percent of women who migrate are aged between 30 and 44 and 28 percent are aged between 18 and 29 with 30 percent belonging to other age groups.


These data show that the majority of both the children of migrants and non-migrants considered, in most cases, that the function of the expression of affection in the family in which they live is fulfilled to a great extent, in keeping with the findings of specialists in the saeason Macias, The psychosocial functions performed by a family should not be overlooked; Macias In the event that both parents leave, children may be looked after by other family members or neighbors, creating a feeling of abandonment, frustration, anger, depression in children and adolescents, reflected in a decline in school ,ibro or dropping out, or feeling attracted by peer groups with whom they share ways of thinking, feeling, attitudes and unhealthy forms of expression such as vandalism, drugs, and other self-destructive behaviors as noted by Mummert La vulnerabilidad no emigra”, Inter Press Service.


Sex differences in depression levels emerge during adolescence Wade, Cairney, and Pevalin, When a relative emigrates, family dynamics are negatively altered, impacting the mental health of some of its members. Sarason, and Sarason found that for women, the likelihood of depression is twice as high as it is for men, since they tend to offer more emotional and material support, which produces equal or greater stress.

In a second analysis, the chi square test was used to study the dependence or independence between sociodemographic variables sex and age and syndromes see table 3. Attention should be paid to aspects of students’ performance and development that may be indicative of certain problematic situations, such as: These data reveal the importance of the family in the acquisition and integration of the roles played in society as well as the social integration processes and ways of relating to others within a social organization.

Subjects The total population of high schools in Xalapa consisted of 54 schools divided into four categories: The coffee crisis has also triggered migration in the state of Veracruz mestries, ; Quesnel, and Psicopatologa Rey, In many cases, it is the custom for fathers to establish family rules and in their absence, mothers are forced to assume this responsibility, which is an extremely difficult situation. A quantitative, cross-cutting method was used to analyze issues with a psychosocial impact on the migrant’s family, the behavioral and social problems of the teenage children of migrants and non-migrants; the psicopahologia on the family and family relationships, and their impact on the school environment.

Sarason, I. G., & Sarason, B. R. (). Psicología Anormal: by Magally Vázquez on Prezi

This is understandable since when the mother stays behind, she assumes responsibility for the entire family.

This situation is responsible for another of the costs of migration: In regard to the promotion of the bonds of affection and social union, through which the expression of emotions is taught, teenagers believed that this was achieved in their families, as shown in the table 5.


A special situation often emerges in which one of them in particular plays a key role, the purpose of this article being to attempt to explain it using the rest of the variables.

Conversely, nine percent of respondents found them indifferent. They were also asked about how they felt about the father’s absence, to which 40 percent replied that they felt bad; 30 percent said that they felt good and only five percent said that they were indifferent.

The Psychosocial Impact on the Migrant’s Family Behaviors and Syndromes in Teenagers Several studies have reported gender differences in terms of individual disorders, the rate of problems being considerably higher in male than female teenagers Wolff, and Ollendick, The sample consisted of teenage children of migrants living in rural communities in that state.

Instrument Two instruments were used for the data collection: Abstract The phenomenon of migration can influence vulnerability among family members, including teenagers who assume roles they are not ready to perform. Instead, teenagers displayed these symptoms when one or both parents worked outside the home.

According to reports from previous studies on these issues, the mental health of those who stay behind and those who leave may be affected Chaney, This suggests the possibility that the fact that a young person has behavioral or school problems may be directly related to poor relations between his or her parents and within the family.

When the adolescent children of migrants were asked about the type of family parents they thought they had, 70 percent said flexible with authority, 20 percent said authoritarian, and nine percent said permissive. In the past, the coexistence of both types of families was common.

Not having family models or the transmission of their cultural values coupled with the absence of guidance and support for healthy psychosocial development, as noted by Pinazo, and Ferrercreates inadequate socialization that alters social networks and the learning of socialization.