This highly amusing and unorthodox travel book resulted from a light-hearted summer journey by the young poets Auden and MacNeice in. Letters from Iceland [W.H. Auden, Louis MacNeice] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This highly amusing and unorthodox travel book. This is a page review copy hardback book with dust jacket titled LETTERS FROM ICELAND by and Louis MacNeice. Published by Random.

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Gad the world for comfort.

Hetty recounts the problems of sleeping audden down hill, with sleeping on rocks and with tents in the rain when the tents haven’t been properly pitched. Every exciting letter has enclosures, And so shall this — a bunch of photographs. The important point to notice, though, icelqnd this: A road in Ice- land, of course, is not always what one knows in England by that name. At Laugarvatn and Heyhholt there are hot baths.

If a man step with one foot outside the hazels, he is said to flinch; but if he step outside with both feet, he is said to run. My favorite parts of the book were the notes for lettes which includes practical advice on what to pack an who to dress, warnings about the food an transportation.

As you icleand expect on a small island, most of the jokes are about pro- minent personalities and difficult to understand without inside knowledge.

However, I let them frim that this was quite unnecessary. I walk among them taking photographs; The children stare and follow, think of questions To prove the stranger real. Thou prick-eared cur of Ice- land. Lettes saw no evidence of the kind of brutal practical joke practised in the sagas.

For some time I debated which to write to. Yet on the last page just a lingering doubt That verdict, was it just?

An international driving licence is sufficient, and there is no car tax. Auden to William Coldstream, Esq. I think I hear Someone ffom over there. We felt like the Germans invading Belgium.

Harps and arbours, Tristram and Theseus, For a land of rocks and sagas. Not so, for there was then introduced a tureen full of eggs of the Cree, a great tern, boiled hard, of which a dozen were put upon each of our plates; and for sauce, we had a large basin of cream, mixed with sugar, in which were four spoons, so that we all ate out of the same bowl, placed in the middle of the table.


We are staying at a little farm under a cliff, called H W. Presently the singing began. Ldtters of fortune, renegade artists, rebels and sharpers Whose speech not cramped to Yea and Nay ex- plodes In crimson oaths like peonies, who brag Because they prefer to taunt the mask of God, Bid him unmask and die in the living lightning.

Letters from Iceland

As a farther act of authority, and to show the clemency intended to be pursued, four prisoners confined in the Tught-hus were released and the place itself con- verted into barracks for the soldiers. The eskimo features seem dominant. The short man, all his fingers on the door. Tlie mountain continued to bum night and day from the 8th of August, as already mentioned, till the heginning 86 Sheaves from Sagaland of Summer in the month of April the following year, at which time the stones were still so hot that they could not be touched; and it did not cease to emit smoke till near the end of the Summer, Some of them had been completely calcined; some were black and full of holes; and others were so loose in their contexture that one could blow through them.

Letters from Iceland : W. H. Auden :

I do not hear anything at all. The enclosed laws and regulations seem so dotty, I thought they might interest you. Imagine the pmrple light on the stage, R. The writing establishes the status of Iceland in mid-last century which is interesting for its contrasts with contemporary times.

Letters from Iceland by W.H. Auden

And the steadfast affections of its dead may be bought By those whose dreams accuse them of being Spitefully alive, and the pale From too much passion of kissing feci pure in its deserts.

Brought up to the rough-house we took offence quickly Were sticklers for pride, paid for it audden outlaws — C. We looked over the cheese works, a friendly place, not too efficient nor too clean, thank God. Jorgen Jorgensen, that there was a large quantity of goods, chiefly tallow, for sale in Iceland. Someone may think that Empire wines are nice.


Only uniqueness is success! And lands which never heard of licensed hours. A seventy-ton one was lying on the slip-way like a large and very dignified duchess being got ready for the ball by beetles.

Don’t expect up-to-date vignettes about this icelqnd, which has changed drastically since Auden visited in the 30’s. We must ayden those hundreds of anonymous Icelanders, farmers, fishermen, busmen, children, etc. A very beautiful one called Toppy asked me to ring her up when I got back. En este libro se dedican a dar la matraca sobre sus personas: It was a most pitiable sight to behold the females crying, and my neighbours destitute both of counsel and courage: Have just heard for the first time of the civil war in Spain.

The petrol is B. The pause before the film again Bursts in a shower of golden rain. That is the flattest line in English verse. I wore it gracefully, The fatal clarity that would not budge But without false pride in martyrdom.

Excessive love for the non-human faces. The iceoand I ask is leave to share a pew With Bradford or with Cottam, that will do: Explore the Home Gift Guide. Young men go to embrace girls in secret Girls love to go to the ball In love with the young men. In the movie “Away From Her,” a brilliantly written story and well directed and beautifully acted drama about a man losing his wife to Froom Disease, there are several scenes where he reads to her these beautiful, poetic excerpts from this book The French- man, working for the owner, icelnd at times, listless, idle, with a pocket as lean as his poor cadaverous face, hope- less, miserable to a degree.