This book develops a theory of language management based on research on the family, religion, the workplace, the media, schools, legal and health institutions. Bernard Spolsky defines language management as “an attempt by some person or As Spolsky points out, his domain-based approach departs from the tr. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Bernard Spolsky, Language management | SpolskyBernard, Language management. New York: Cambridge University.

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Chandhni Kannan is currently reading it Sep 21, Even if you speak only one language, you have choices of dialects and styles.

Skip to main content. Chapter 8 focuses on ”Managing military language”, especially on the different language management situation of members of the military hierarchy and on language policy particularly foreign language teaching in several selected manayement.

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To the above mentioned concepts of ”language beliefs” and bednard practices”, he adds Fishman’s concept of the domain which is characterized by its typical participants, location and topics.

In addition, Spolsky argues that language management, beliefs and practices influence each other within individual domains and across domains. Such conclusions do not seem to bring new knowledge. To sum up, although the book presents many issues relevant to a given problem area, it does not deal theoretically with bernaed nature and, what is most important, with how and why various phenomena relate to each other. However, implicit motivation for particular behaviour does not have to be ”guessed’,’ but is a normal object of scientific inquiry.

Frida Andreasson rated it liked it Dec 10, Perspectives from Three Continents. Feb 07, Marlieke rated it did not like it. Fourth, the identity of Czech and Slovak was not blurred. However, the information on the settings and events I happen to be familiar with contain many factual errors.

The fate of the expression ”Czechoslovak language” was the same: Amber added it Oct 06, Return to Book Page. The terms ”language management,” ”language policy,” and ”language planning” are used loosely and sometimes interchangeably in the book. Jimena Barneto marked it as to-read Oct 23, Chapter 4 ”Language management in the workplace: Chapter 6, ”Language policy in schools,” focuses especially on the school domain participants, types of bilingual education, other language teaching, managemsnt several language management tools in schools bdrnard.


Femme Kiers marked it as to-read Jan 31, Enas managment it it was amazing Jul 26, These are, however, rather too simple: Chapter 11 focuses on ”Managing languages at the supranational level” and is the last chapter on a domain — Chapter 12 shifts focus to ”Language managers, language management agencies and academies, and their work.

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Language Management

The same law added that in the Czech lands ”the administration should, as a rule, take place in Czech, and in Slovakia, as a rule, in Slovak” Law No. This also means that simple language management can take place in any domain, however complex the domain may be Spolsky excludes simple language management from his description of domains. Just as independence in India and the division from Pakistan had led to the splitting of Hindustani into Hindi and Urdu, so did the splitting of Czechoslovakia produce a renewal of separate identities for Czech and Slovak If you are bilingual or plurilingual, you have to choose which language to use.

Some of these choices are the result of management, reflecting conscious and explicit efforts by language managers to control the choices.

Second, people do actions aimed at language not only consciously but also unconsciously: No man is an island, nor a family a closed sociolinguistic unit” p.

For example, in a military domain, an army officer may correct a novice private who addressed him without langiage his rank e. Garvin; appendix to Garvin, P.

Spolsky, B.: Language Management. Cambridge University Press, | Mari├ín Sloboda –

If you are bilingual or plurilingual, you have to choose which language to use. In the interwar period, attempts were made to blend Czech and Slovak, mutually intelligible languages, into a national language. Remember me on this computer. Although the reader is languabe to induce what can count mnagement language management on the basis of individual examples, it is a paradoxical feature of this book that it does not say much about the nature of language management in general terms.


Spolsky focuses especially on the question of which participants understood as ”social roles” in language management are there in a particular domain, and pays attention to the question of the extent to which language management is carried out or influenced by domain-internal or domain-external forces. Raffaello Palandri rated it really liked it May 23, The Spolsky’s definition of language management suggests that it should be a mere substitute for the term ”language planning” cf.

An exemplary case is the section with the title lanugage organization of this chapter” p.

Language Management by Bernard Spolsky

Reyska marked it as to-read Nov 30, Despite the fact that the author decided to ”pass over” the topic of simple language management, he nevertheless includes it in the final chapter. Also discussed are language activists, international spolskky, and human rights relative to language, and the book concludes with a review of language managers and management agencies.

To illustrate this, we can quote the following passage: Jernudd and Jiri V. Trivia About Language Management. Bernard Spolsky reviews research on the family, religion, the workplace, the media, schools, legal and health institutions, the military and government.

Neustupny Jernudd and Neustupnycf. International Journal of the Sociology of Language Spolsy rated langyage it was amazing May 19, He specializes in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and Slavonic languages.