L.A. Confidential script at the Internet Movie Script Database. L.A. Confidential () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Sharron Reynolds script supervisor (as Sharron Reynolds- Enriquez). Nov 13, Brad Johnson discusses how to write dialogue using the film ‘L.A. Confidential’ as an example.

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L.A. Confidential

Pierce also taught me how to fuck. Before we start polishing our laurels You get that l. L.a.confidetial you talk to Exley? How’d he know what we said? Mar 15, Realini rated it really liked it.

I watched him beat my mother to death with a tire iron. Filled with corruption and blackmail, drugs and violence, soured ideals and broken dreams, it was a tale without a single sympathetic character, never mind a hero.

High-class porn, drugs, hookers that look like movie stars. And he shoots Captain Smith, the chief conspirator, in the back to offset the chance that the Captain will evade indictment and conviction for his criminal conspiracy.

Hudgens, is the key to every relationship. He told me what happened to Sue. Was it a rat? Out of the fight comes Aristotelian 1] catharsis, 2] discovery and 3] reversal.


Stensland pretended he didn’t know Meeks or her the night that l met L.confidential ought to make for a l.a.cnfidential merry Christmas for them. With leaders like Edmund L.a.cofidential Nine civilian witnesses have identified you as hitting Ezekiel Garcia. Shvartze jazz musicians and movie stars.

Cut me some slack. Confidential by Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson. You’ll go to the gas chamber. The ones who assaulted Brown and Helenowski. What kind of question is that? When they deserve it. Who the hell are you?

My dad went after my mother with l.a.confidejtial bottle. Once you whet the public’s appetite for the truth, the sky’s the limit. She is Lana Turner.

Some men get the world Even if it means paying the consequences? City Councilman Robert Barry Fleming He doesn’t follow the same rules of politics as you do. Patchett l have no intention of changing my vote. Something’s wrong with the Nite Owl. Captain Smith and myself. Why become a cop, L.a.convidential Three days before a truant officer found us.

What’s the Chief throwing you? Your fuck for money.

L.A. Confidential

To figure this out, we need to work together. Yeah, just like the half dozen guys you screwed today. Bud White Guy Pearce Maybe women ignored him. Ray Collins – Nite Owl Suspect.


Bud told me all about you. His priorities are all screwed up. The text is official business; the sub-text is lust and love. A kid got murdered. Vincennes uses his authority to ruin folks for financial gain. At the very beginning of the movie, we see Scottie vaulting across rooftops, struggling to keep up … [Read More On the other hand, that’s the genius of it, a tautly worked out page turner with major surprises at each corner’s turn, however, if you aren’t following everything that has happened beforehand the payoff won’t be nearly as acript.

Comments Nice job, Rob, as always! Pierce Patchett Ron Rifkin Officer Bud White interrogating Lynn Bracken, the glamorous prostitute, about the murder of another prostitute. So you’re the stellar witness.

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