Using KWLH Technique to Understand Local Descriptive Texts in Teaching Reading: Enhancing Teachers’ Share through Social Media Sumardiono1 NIDN . K-W-L-H is a strategy that many people use before reading a difficult passage or story. In this particular strategy, you use this strategy before. The K-W-L-H learning strategy is a very popular learning tool developed by the researcher Donna Ogle in K stands for what I “Know”.

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Teaching reading curriculum is more challenging. Somehow English should be naturally taught to express, embody, and symbolize the culture of the speaker of English. In some regions in Javanese like in Middle Java, people add some other symbols of earth by black porridge, nature by green porridge, and wood by brown porridge.

From the perspective of culture, the teaching of English in Indonesia, generally, is in the crossroad.

You can disable cookies in your browser but this may affect your ability to interact with this site. Retrieved on October 11th,from http: It is a group instruction activity developed by Donna M.

Pre- Reading Strategy K-W-L-H by brook kazyak on Prezi

Theories, Teaching Strategies, owlh Assessment. Descriptive is a text containing two components i. This best practice explains us how important we complete the students with reading tools to comprehend the text independently.

It implies knowledge sangkan, our origin. The third Jenang is in Pitonan ceremony. The identification is to identify the object to describe.


The first kind is Jenang in Birth Ceremony. When we first present on earth, a child is given a name as a prayer of peparab sign and thus hope to live in this world. Reading local sources, comprehending them, and using technology in learning realize the four naturally in learning process.

Journal of Reading, 30, Again, the teacher can shoot himself to read the text and upload in facebook group about the reading texts techniue ask the students work with KWLH chart. Summing Up To sum up, KWLH strategy is indeed useful strategy in reading comprehension to see the linguistic, culture, and curriculum diversity.

K-W-L-H Technique | Teaching Fun | Pinterest | Teaching, Learning and Student

The second kind of Jenang is in Celebrating Birth day Neton. Click here to sign up. Comprehension is the process of making sense of words, sentences and connected text.

The learning process has evolved to a point where learners are sharing, exploring, and seeking information and knowledge from multiple and diverse sources. Moving from Theory to Practice. In this text, the object can be a concrete or abstract object. Reading consists of two related processes: As a matter of fact, the reading materials can be modified and adapted from local story, maps, events, sites, etc.

Besides, many places, sites, geographic nature, etc provide a rich literary works.

Reading in a Second Language: Some other kinds of jenang include jenang grendul, dodol, jenang of apple, etc. Although many times they share various epiphanies during the discussion, as the administrator, we can check and control the learning focus.


A Resource Book for Professional Development. Its systematic strategy in comprehending reading text assists students critically. Text Function is to describe a particular person, place or thing.

The tecnhique and practical explanation below describes the best practice. Stevenson shares that though we are becoming a more global society; the world is still broken into groups.

KWHL chart

Nonetheless it is not all published as written local story, to keep indigenous local is essential to be both literary work and teaching material. How are we going to find out? We also use cookies to store information such as visitors’ preferences. However, the traditional training as the basic class is still needed since the education is still held in the classroom.

To document their experience and comprehension in reading, an authentic aspect of reading material and reading tools can help the students, as the reader, to keep their understanding.

Some children and adults need additional help. A similar version can be used for active thinking during reading. Practice for the skill may draw from a current unit in science or social studies, and the lesson and examples become a writing exercise that can later be used as reference kwkh further learning.

A teaching model that develops active reading of expository text.

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