DRV/Owner’s Manual. License Agreement. 1) All intellectual property contained in this library – including owner’s manuals and product literature – is the . We are an authorized Korg dealer and service unit has been serviced and tested by is fully functional and in excellent DRV Late s Digital reverb unit from Korg. 16 different ‘verbs that can be endlessly tweaked, PLUS you can run 2 different effects at the same.

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I’m able to get signal passng thru, the DB meter world and the menu LED screen lights up- but is blank.

DRV-3000/Owner’s Manual

It has a simple, uncluttered appearance rather like a Habitat showroom. Looks like they are still available according to Google.

This is how I tried it out: There is also a great deal of competition between manufacturers at all levels of okrg market but, to me, none of these companies have ever really gone to a great deal of trouble to point out the advantages of using a sound processor.

Long shot that anyone else had this relic but Buy one of these instead!

Korg DRV (SOS Sep 87)

The preset program specifications are included as a dvr chart in the back of the manual and I found this pretty helpful in analysing how an effect was actually created. Several DRV effects fall into the category which was once the province of the good old digital delay line. Running through the presets then, ‘Concert Hall’ sounds exactly as its title implies.


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Aug 11, 4. The original sound still shines through in all its glory but the tightly clustered reflections from the walls of your imaginary reverb chamber combine to make this one of the most usable of the effects available. The next step is to connect the device to an instrument and an amp. Okay, time to actually sit down and use the device. Instead, these reproduce the initial early reflections which occur in an drf environment and 300 precisely the size and quality of that environment.

FlouncingfleasbagAug 11, Here, you can set the type of early reflection groupings, either Hall, Random, Reverse or Plate the latter referring to ‘Plate Reverb’, which creates reverb-type effects using large sheets of metal.

Consequently, I had no trouble hooking it up to my mixer with no rummaging around in draws trying to find a lead that would fit. Here, the variables are pan speed, pan mode and pan depth. You’re expected to know what they are and what they should sound like. LCR function lets you create multi-tap 300 effects. Aug 11, 5. morg

The machine then jumps to the effects program you last called up. Aug 11, 2. I’m probably being more of a hindrance than a help here. Support for Your Purchase Buy Now. Srv to start playing Musically, very satisfying, giving the impression of two very complex instruments at work.


Please update your browser to use Reverb

There are two possible modes here – effects 15 and Aug 11, 1. It is always difficult to convey personal impressions of how something sounds in words and, obviously, what I like you might not.

Featuring a pre-amp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD’s important elements.

Also, a block diagram of the internal workings of the unit is included, I suspect to keep the technofreak, drc amongst us happy. Reliable true bypass design An optional expression pedal can be used to control multiple effect parameters simultaneously. It is easier to use and to modify existing programs than most other machines by virtue of the hand-held, infra-red, remote control unit.

If you can, disconnect the internal battery and see if it helps. Please Contribute to mu: