The Baphomet [Pierre Klossowski, Sophie Hawkes, Stephen Sartarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Pierre Klossowski’s last. the critics’ prize that year to Klossowski’s final novel, Le Baphomet. For critical accounts of all these novels see Ian James, Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence. Pierre Klossowski – The Baphomet by duarte0martinho.

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That said, this isn’t really all that long, and weird enough to keep me vaguely curious. No trivia or quizzes yet.

In other words, passages that have recently been written as it were become objects of commentary in other, not necessarily later, passages. So strong was his attachment that it clearly affected his French syntax and diction, as if the dead language had somehow survived in him—a second mother tongue, both nourishing and competing with a first one.

Morte di Dio, dannazione, possessione qui inversa con S. In other words, both writers eventually adopted an almost permanent writerly silence during their last years, seeking out a more direct means of reproducing mental images. It’s difficult to write about this book, since it defies any sense of genre.

A very interesting read. We hope you enjoy these older deliberations.

Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle. The Baphomet — Pierre Klossowski — The following is a compilation of discussions and reviews from the previous version of our website. Catcher in the Rye — J.

The Baphomet

Thanks for the background info. As the first volume of the trilogy progresses, Roberte comments on her husband as a character, then as a character-author of a book—in fact, the second volume, Roberte Ce Soir —that he has written about her.


Refresh and try again. View all 12 comments. Gide offered to pay for Pierre’s education and advised him to study philo It helps to know bapyomet of Pierre Klossowski to begin to appreciate this book as taken by itself a casual reader will be confronted klosskwski some esoteric theological arguments told in a dense convoluted style.

She is the narrow-faced woman with her hair coiled on her head. This is just really tough, not so much fun, dubiously rewarding.

Preview — The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski. Contact us Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Some weird stuff happens though. Many of the works illustrate scenes from his writings. With its unorthodox and often archaic vocabulary and syntax and, after the historical prologue, its discontinuous and fantastical narrative presentation, in which the boundaries between persons and identities appear permeable and insecure, Le Baphomet engages the reader in a textual experience that can be both baffling and obscure.

This book reads like a bad acid trip. I thought that, given it’s a novel, it had been miss-shelved. This is written in such an esoteric and self-referential manner that it isn’t fun to read and the difficulty doesn’t ever really pay off. Theresa who spoke to him as he died. Such are the questionable Manichaean not to say Machiavellian ethics at play here.

Apr 14, Lex Poot rated it did not like it Shelves: I gather this bronze serpent is some kind of medieval machine meant to inspire faith in people who must have thought God made it work. I can re-read and re-read, and still not unravel the threads here. The Baphomet is the chronicles from beyond the tomb — a metaphysical and mystical novel turned into some sort of gothic absurdist comedy. In this erotic, metaphysical, and theological novel, the spirits of medieval Templar monks gather on the anniversary of their Grand Master’s torment and execution.


In the self-elucidating fourth section of Tableaux vivants: Why is Nietzsche an anteater? Teresaresurrezione, martirio Such primordial gestures or poses could not honestly be described: Conrad rated it really liked it Dec 12, Though the weirdness of the latter does make for some pretty memorable moments.

Aug 20, Gui added it. Even though Bataille wrote weird pornos, he managed to pair the eroticism with a rigorous theoretical perspective.

In the definitive structuring of the trilogy, Klossowski left Le Souffleur at the end, but reversed the order of the two other volumes. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jul 29, Alex Obrigewitsch rated it really liked it.

Reading Pierre Klossowski | Dalkey Archive Press

Foucault writes an introduction that doesn’t seem to be klossowaki the book at all, but it is pretty good nonetheless. Klossowski writes beyond our sense of realism, to bring about meditations on life, death, morality and so on, from the depths of gnostic heresy.

To add your own review or remarks, please scroll down to the comment box. Dombey and Son — Charles Dickens. May 25, Anthony rated it it was amazing Shelves: