I recently read a review about Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. The book teaches you a trick about how to visualize the fretboard to make. Kirk also has several of his own sites/forums and is also author of the amazing PlaneTalk book. This is a great DVD for beginner slide players, or for those who. For those of you who get lost on the fretboard while trying to improv, you need to check out Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. His method is so simple.

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Sharp5Oct 25, Diese not just so much easier than what you can, learn from the CAGED system, you are much more practical as well.

Instead, he goes for much smaller “chunks” – triads, and then builds up his stuff from that. In fact I don’t believe it talks about modes at all. But I was pretty sure it was a standard book with a unique perspective until people started saying “I won’t go into it any further because I want to protect his intellectual property”.

Just to show you how far he will go to teach, he plays for the guitar on her knees at a right angle to tallk just to the right angle for demonstration. Might make the guy money, but it sure wouldn’t have helped maths. I feel like I can throw my hand anywhere on the fretboard and find a relevant note at any time.

The DVD begins with the mess of chromatic notes that is the guitar fingerboard and sifts all the notes lotange into three easily identifiable patterns.


If it will get me out of this rut I’ve been it for 10 years it will be the best musical investment I’ve made in a long time. I haven’t read either of them but I know Fretboard Logic is just one of those books that everyone seems to love.

I want to see some wear marks beyond the open position – Larry. It would be ‘simple’ and quick to learn but I can also see it korange ‘limiting’ if you used only those notes from the full scale available to you.

Help FAQs Go to top. Log in or Sign up. How, generally, does the system work?

Kirk Lorange’s PlaneTalk – incredible! The post seems to be languishing here, so I’m going to move it down to instructional materials and see if you get more response. The ‘secret’ is to filter out the notes that are not Triads and go from there. I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years, but was never very good at soloing. Then my time spent masturbating to them wouldn’t be so gay.

You may have seen posts asking what it is and the keepers of the secret denying tal, request for knowledge. I was hoping this to put the fretboard in a new light for me. Well, that was nice. Notify me of new comments via email. I don’t like buying a “panacea” cure all without knowing something about how it works. I don’t know much about the caged system so I don’t know if this is his version or really improvisation using triad pairs.

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Find all posts by tbeltrans. View the Media Kit. Oct 25, 2. Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange Post your reviews of instructional material for guitar or bass. I understand wanting to protect intellectual property, but the problem I have is that every guitar product basically promises to unlock the mystery of the fretboard. Lessons by Kirk Lorange – worth it? Thanks Macaroni, That’s enough for me to try it.


This site uses cookies. As long as I stay with the patterns I know, I can solo a bit with a backing track, but it’s starting to get lorannge. I want to be known as the guy who top solo could at the neck, the inversions in many different positions, which could play guy by his lack of Federal Government Board know limited was.

Kirk doesn’t pay me to endorse his product and I wouldn’t recommend it if it weren’t truly as good as it is. Either has its merits. Originally Posted by lw She could get all information contained in this DVD in three months worth of lessons in May.

PlaneTalk by Kirk Lorange – Guitar Noise

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. It’s essentially his version of the CAGED system but then again so is everything else when you come right down to it.

This book will lift you out of that rut, and breathe new life into your practicing and playing.