GRAVE WITCH: An Alex Craft Novel. EXCERPT: The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother’s medical chart at him. As far as impressions went, I blew. Grave Witch (Alex Craft) [Kalayna Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not even death can save her now. As a grave witch, Alex Craft. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the : Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Series Book 1) eBook: Kalayna Price: Kindle Store.

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This book was a page turner.

February Reading Challenge Apr 01, Dec 27, And to wktch plot. I channeled the energy into the wax circle, and it sprang to life, buzzing with pale blue power behind my eyelids. It never felt bogged down in an info dump. The fluorescents buzzed over our heads, mixing with the scrape of our footsteps on the linoleum floor.

There are no corpses, only fragments of them. I give points for partial originality. They must have a family business. He started out as the hunky jerk, and thankfully gained a personality as the book progressed. Click Here to read the first chapter. Because, let’s face it, reading is edutainment. Yep, not talkative, very mysterious, yummy hrave. I need to have feelings for my characters!! Against her better judgment she agrees to help her sister even though Graave family disowned her a long time ago.


Instead of still dying out they’re now growing strong in power.

Kalayna Price

I opened my eyes. And flat characters yes, we’re in Barnacle Land again: My power coaxed her from the body, guided her across the chasm separating the living from the dead. And to the overbearing blockhead of a love interest, too.

Is this whole series is about ALex Croft? I can now officially send this delightful series to Doom and Oblivion Land. The world is fantastic, and I can’t wait to know Nekro city more!

Both male interests were just as fun as I remembered! But the mystery, characters, and world kept me eating it up.

Grave Witch

Maybe I’m just scared to read on lest I run into another female main character having sex with a wereleopard while a room full of people look on. A scream rang from the corner of the room, followed by the clatter of chairs.

Escaping into new worlds, meeting new characters and exploring different societies is the only way we have of leaving Welcome to my alternate reality. It wasn’t purposeful, but I had so many other things to read that I just never really got around to it.


Grave Witch (Alex Craft, #1) by Kalayna Price

Talking about the fae, they were tricky bastards. If people turn their back on you, you don’t jump up to help them move up the career ladder. I orice at him and scooped my purse from the floor. The chill of Mrs. The soulless husk in the body bag called to me. I loved this book!! Alex is a fun, unique, and powerful character.

Gimme something new and fresh, death. I’m intrigued with the idea of these multiple plans of existence presented. John thumbed through the pages in his lap, separating documents from the case file. In a lot of books, things come too easy or there are too few consequences for power. Return to Book Page. The grave essence lifting from the corpses within my circle persisted, thundering against my mind.

You said something about a Teddy. Oct 17, Rane rated it really liked it Shelves:

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