Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report. TOP. Government of Karnataka has now proposed to take up KSHIP- II to further improve state viz EPC contracts (conventional item rate contract) and Annuity contracts. ADB Mission has proposed the following tentative timeline schedule for. If looking for the book Karnataka Pwd Electrical Schedule Of Rates in Schedule of Rates WRD Karnataka | Construction Aggregate.

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I A i ii iii Ordinary soil Manual Means upto 3 m depth 3 m to 6 m depth Above 6 m depthcum cum cum Considering all these factors and to make the Schedule of Rates more realistic, the minimum rates at which the different labours are available in wpd market have been adopted for the analysis.

Providing and Laying 20mm thick cement plaster of specified mix in single coat including finishing even and smooth and curing etc all complete.

The section of the specification mentions “as required” against some of the tests. Information is provided on the district’s history, administration, tourism, politics, geography, personalities, police and education.

Chisel Dressed Stone Masonry with chisel dressed clean hard selected stone in 1: Complete as per drawing and Technical specifications Back filling behind abutment, wing wall and return wall complete as per drawing and Technical specificationcum cum Stainless steel strips 5. In case for supply of aggregates at site are not available, nearest crusher site may be ascertained.

The overhead adopted by the Central Public Works Department in their Analysis of Rates has been adopted except for specialized works. Dismantling boulders laid in wire crates including opening of crates and stacking dismantled materials.


Plum concrete in 1: The rates for these items are available in respective chapters which can be adopted for the quantities derived from the approved designs and drawings Traffic Control System and Communication system Providing a traffic control centre and communication system including telecommunication facilities and related accessories, CCTV, radar, vehicle detection camera, central computer system These are specialised item of telecommunication system and are the commercial products.

To stave off disputes the following frequencies are specified: Providing and Laying white or colored or ceramic glazed tiles of size mm x mm Special colour black, burgundy, pink, midnight blue, alpine blue or equivalent in skirting, risers of steps and Dados on 12mm thick cement plaster 1cement, 3coarsed sand 1: Providing, fitting and fixing towel rail of chromium plated brass complete with brackets fixed to the timber cleats, CP brass screws complete.


This table is not applicable for lightweight fill materials, e. Hook and Eyes with complete set. Schedule rates cpwd pdf – rates cpwd pdf Providing and French spirit polishes two or more coats including cleaning of the surface of dirt and dust papered smooth etc on new surface complete.

Beyond 20m upto 30 m Add 7. You can find information on the Gangavathi City Municipal Scheule and its various activities in the area. Random Rubble Stone Masonry in 1: Excavated material to be utilised in roadway at site Aggregate Sub- Surface Drains Construction of aggregate sub surface drain mm x mm with aggregates conforming to tableexcavated material to be utilised in roadway Underground Kanrataka at Edge of Pavement Construction of an underground drain 1 m x 1 m inside dimensions lined with RCC cm thick and covered with RCC slab10 cm in thickness on urban roads Preparation and Surface Treatment of formation.

Providing and Laying damp proof course 40 mm thick rwtes cement concrete 1: Skip to main content. Tube anchorage set complete with bearing plate, permanent wedges etc Cement for grouting including ratws per cent wastage 3.

Fog Spray Addition to the rate in case it is decided by the engineer to blind the fog spray. Crushing of stone aggregates 20 mm nominal size Crushing of stone boulders of mm size in an integrated stone crushing unit of tonnes per hour capacity comprising of primary and secondary crushing units, belt conveyor and schedupe screens to obtain stone aggregates of 20 mm nominal size. Copper Strips Reinforcement strips 60 mm wide 5 mm thick as per clause Loading and un-loading charges and cost of carriage may be added to these rates to arrive at the cost at site.

Standard Schedule of Rates, Schedule for Electrical, Road and Bridge Works

schddule Including dismembering Excluding dismembering. To create an online platform for streamlining the process of evaluation and obtaining ATRfrom the line Departments. S flat 10cm long and plugs etc. Burried Joint Providing and laying a burried expansion joint, expansion gap being 20 mm, covered with 12 mm thick, mm wide galvanised wieldable structural steel plate as per IS: Chaired by Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka.


Elastomeric Slab Steel Expansion Joint Providing and laying of an elastomeric slab steel expansion joint, catering to right or skew less than 20 deg. Users must download this form to apply for renewal of registration.

C Bath room with necessary screws etc complete. Expending wings beyond the State of Karnataka. Providing and Laying white or colored karntaaka vitrified tiles of classic colour or equivalent in flooring, treads of steps landing etc laid on a bed of 15mm, cm 1: With imported timber from outside the state.

You can get this application form for renewal of motor vehicle registration certificate in the State of Karnataka.

Rates for items may be from respective chapters. Through and bond stone Tie rods 20mm diameter Tiles size x mm and 25 mm thick Timber Traffic cones with mm reflective sleeve kg cum metre metre metre kg metre metre metre metre metre each nos each nos kg cum sqm metre each cum each cum each each nos kg metre metre kg kg metre tonne kg sqm each nos each cum Nos Providing and Laying of 21mm thick 30 cm height cement plaster skirting with cement mortar 1: Anti – Glare Screen with Rectangular Vane of MS sheet Providing and erecting anti – glare screen with rectangular vanes of size karnataak mm made from MS sheet, 3 mm thick and fixed on MS angle 50 x 50 x 6 mm at an angle of to the direction of flow of traffic, 1.

Website of Karnataka Public Works Ports & Inland Water Transport Department

Lastly suggestions and feedback for further improvements are always welcome. Clayey soil 10m dia. Where it is proposed only to supply, transport and stack the mineral aggregates for use in pavement courses, the quantities indicated in the specifications shall pd supplied but payment for the same shall be regulated on the basis of volumes to be computed after deductions specified in clause C items as indicated below: For checking, specifications clause shall apply.

Providing and Laying plain colored glazed ceramic tiles of size mm x mm in plain colours white, grey, ivory platinum, leather brown etc or equivalenton floors landing etc laid on a bed of 15mm, cm 1: