Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sastri, Sri ioned. The Kādambarī by Bāṇabhaṭṭa, the greatest Sanskrit prose work, valiantly translated by the late Gwendolyn Layne. It is hard for English to do any justice to the. Kadambari by Banabhatta – Informative & researched article on Kadambari by Banabhatta from Indianetzone, the largest free encyclopedia on.

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After hearing the voice Patralekha throws herself along with the horse into the Acchoda Lake. But you have to consider that its a translation of a work written in the banabhattta of poetry if I recall correctly. There is a well-known, interesting statement in Sanskrit, involving a play on words: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The plot has probably been adapted from the story of King Sumanas from Gunadhya ‘s Brihatkatha a conjectural collection of stories in the extinct Paishachi language. Many of the characters appear in multiple incarnations, some as humans and some as demigods or animals.

The Kadambari of Bana : Bana : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Taralika returns with a young Gandharva named Keyuraka. Then she says that her childhood friend Kadambari is grieved by her condition and has vowed not to marry as long as Mahashveta is in grief. They escape from him and in the prince in the process gets lost.

The standard editions of the original Sanskrit text are by Peterson [2] and Kane. There are lively celebrations. Women had hardly any power either, and that also makes me glad I live in this era. The time period in which he lived is the one where Vedic ideals on division of labor were lost and twisted into the power-greedy caste horror it is today. I’m glad that some traditions are gone and hope they stay that way.


Jabali says that in Avanti there was a city called Ujjayani which was ruled by King Tarapeeda. This article is about a Jadambari novel. The mention of all the different medicinal herbs was very interesting.

The next day he receives the kadamnari that Kadambari is suffering from pain of separation. Banabhhatta this Article Post a Comment. Mahashveta visits Kadambari who is also accompanied by Chandrapeeda.

kacambari He goes forth and meets his army. Tarapeeda, Vilasavati, Shukanasa and Manorama arrive at that place. They both faint after seeing Chandrapeeda lying on the ground. Kadambari asks Chandrapeeda about the whereabouts of Patralekha.

Banabhatta’s Kadambari (Novel in HINDI) by Banabhatta

She wears it around her neck. Prinatgi rated it liked it Jul 28, Chandrapeeda returns and is reunited with his army. She became angry and cursed him that he would turn into a parrot.

Chandrapeeda marches to the capital. I was sad that many of the old traditions were lost especially purification rituals, which really were for hygiene, health and beauty. Refresh and try again. Tarapeeda’s son is named as Chandrapeeda and Shukanasa’s son is named Vaishampayana. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you haven’t understood so far, let me say it in clear words.


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Sometimes I felt that the story would have been more enjoyable if it had been read in its original form i. The girl banabbatta the king that she is Vaishampayana’s mother. Nalini Thyagaraj rated it liked it Dec 08, For other uses see Kadambari disambiguation.

The Kādambarī of Bāṇa by Bāṇa‏ and Bhūṣaṇabhaṭṭa

Kadambari is a Katha that lacks the distinctive marks of the Akhyayika composed by Sanskrit scholar Banabhatta. Chandrapeeda returns to Ujjayini, and Pundarika is established as the King.

The language of the book uses metaphors and smilies, puns and very heavy use of embellishment as was common at that time in Sanskrit writings. Chandrapeeda immediately goes to Kadambari. His father was dragged from his hollow and murdered. One night he dreams that Chandra had entered the mouth of his queen Vilasavati. Patralekha is in fact Rohini who is a demigoddess and a spouse of the Moon who had come to the mortal world to take care of Chandrapeeda during his curse.

Within a few days both wives become pregnant and each of them gives birth to a boy. After drinking banabjatta he hears a sweet melody and begins to wander about its source. She had sent Taralika to deliver her message to Kadambari. The king is Chandrapeeda.