El Zahir también es una joya aleph-jorge-luis-borges/. hace 3 meses. ogether with “El Aleph”, “El Zahir” stands out as one of the most suggestive Borges, Jorge Luis Borges and Luisa Mercedes Levinson. La hermana de Eloísa.

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La scrittura del dio Sono molteplici le classificazioni attribuite dalla critica a questo autore: Have the universe and all its details spinning in your head. And for good reason – my universe is, in fact, expanding a thousand-fold! Perhaps he meant that the visible world is complete in each representation, just as Schopenhauer tells us that the Will expresses itself entire in alepy person.

Not to say anything important but merely to understand how they depend on one another. He tries to look for a cure, and horge some research, he finds a book that explains the history azhir the Zahir, and that it manifested previously as a tigeran astrolabethe bottom of a welland a vein in a marble column in a mosque.

This is the trademark Borges effect; and, to my mind, all of his stories are aimed at evoking this same feeling. The journey includes Roman soldiers; escape; loneliness; fear of otherness; extraordinary architecture; finding a way through a labyrinth of caves, ladders, doors and multiple rooms; sinister troglodytes, references ell The Odyssey, and much musing on life, death, mortality, and the nature of time.

Luiz, the zahir,the coin…the narrator got rid of it,… in a drink. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Such sheer imaginative power. On the corner of Chile and Tacauri I spotted an open bar-and-general-store.

The Theologians A rather dry piece that perks up towards the end. Then he went to Europe Lyis Jorge Luis Borges. The Aleph, the Maker and Museum — and every tale worth reading multiple times.

On June 6, Teodolina Villar died. The obsession drives him to the brink of insanity. When all men xahir earth think day and night of the Zahir, which one will be a dream and which a reality, the earth or the Zahir?

To ask other readers questions about The Aleph and Other Storiesplease sign up. The typical Borgesian themes—the collapse of personal identity, the sense of a mysterious connection, the obsession with zahri sort of occult understanding of a higher reality—make me uneasy, and at times str This is the second Borges book that I have read though the first in Spanishand I have found that my reaction was an echo of the first. The now familiar Borgesian tropes are also here in abundance too: Could the swamps and relative wildness of Uruguay and the Ibera Wetlands be a sort of gnostic symbol of earthly chaos directly opposed to Protestant certainties?


The stories about gauchos and Argentine folk if we can call it that, leave me strangely unimpressed. Reading him is like facing the Zahir: The story itself is about a mysterious, obsessive quest to find the secret City of the Immortals.

Today is the thirteenth of November; last June 7, at zshir, the Zahir came into my hands; I am not the man I was then, but I am still able to recall, and perhaps recount, what happened.

On his return to Argentina inBorges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals.

The Zahir – Wikiwand

It was futile to tell myself that that abominable nickel disk was no different from the infinite other, inoffensive disks that pass from hand to hand every day. He could not get rid of a fixed idea.

How she must burden those nurses who spoon-feed her! Not long thereafter, the man, now an Indian in spirit, returns to the wilderness.

The Zahir – Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The man remembers exactly where he hid a knife. The scornful image of Teodolina, physical pain. View all zaihr comments.

The Aleph and Other Stories

Protecting this treasure from mad human greed is the mission to which the he has devoted his life; day and night he stands guard over it.

Among others, we find: The priest believes the god created a secret magical phrase that is hidden in creation and can ward off evil. The brilliance and the dragon and St. After the death of his beloved friend Beatriz Viterbo, Borges does not miss the appointment to visit his house, located on Garay Street; every April 30, her birthday. In two short paragraphs Borges gives us a tale where we are told, “Fate is partial to repetitions, variations, symmetries.


Sleepless, possessed, almost happy, I reflected that there is nothing less material than money, since any coin a twenty centavo piece, for instance is, in truth, a panoply of all possible futures. Her life was exemplary, and yet an inner desperation constantly gnawed at her. The second half of the tale takes a decidedly philosophical turn and, in the spirit of this Borges classic, I will conclude with a series of question posed either directly or indirectly by the narrator: Perhaps he was trying to say that there is nothing, however brges, that does not imply the history of the world borhes its infinite concatenation of causes and effects.

Se si rilegge uno qualunque di questi racconti, poi, ci si accorge che ogni volta si aprono nuovi significati, nuove possibili interpretazioni, nuovi orizzonti e percorsi logici. I did not confide the entire absurdity of the story to him; I told him I was tormented by insomnia and that often I could not free my mind of an object, any random object, a coin, say. Years later, Taylor visited the prisons of that kingdom; in the jail at Nithur, the Governor showed him a cell on whose floor, walls and vaulted ceiling a Moslem fakir had designed in fantastic colors, which time, rather than erasing, refined of an infinite tiger.

There are nearly fifty stories and brief tales morge here from three Borges books: He said that there is always a Zaheer and in the Age of Ignorance it was the idol called Yahuk, and then a prophet from Khorsasan who wore a veil studded with precious stones or a mask of gold.

Borges also goes downward but then uorge rises upwards and puts his most primitive worlds in the North. As a result, the stories are hit or miss for me. The appearance of Sigurd abruptly ends the story. Lists with This Book. Despite being 71, he wrote of his future plans with the enthusiasm of youth.