Global Capitalism has ratings and 29 reviews. Szplug said: As dry as the Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century Jeffry A. Frieden. Review: Jeffry A. Frieden, Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century, Norton: New York, ; pp.; , $ (hbk). GLOBAL CAPITALISM. Its Fall and Rise in the. Twentieth Century. By Jeffry A. Frieden. pp. W. W. Norton & Company. $

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Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century by Jeffry A. Frieden

The poor countries and former colonies that created closed economies in the s and s collapsed into economic stagnation, social unrest, crisis, and military dictatorships in the s and s.

Oct 14, Ciara rated it liked it Shelves: Still good, though a bit shallow when it comes to more recent years, and much more a history of the global economy in the West than in the world as a whole.

The crux of the underpinnings of capitalism is that it is both cyclical and leveling in its commercial aspect while being evolutionarily dynamic in its effect upon societal and cultural norms. Nations following an import substitution strategy have not fared so well since before then, the strategy seemed to work and often that strategy has been abandoned. The former works best with stable currencies and low-barriers to the movement of capital, material, and labor; the latter functions best in an environment where industries are protected from cheaper imports and financial markets are stable.

Good lord this book was tedious. The blurbs on the back of the book would focus on the ‘global’ in the title, and try to jefry you that this is a book about globalisation. Jul 07, Katy rated it liked it.


Global Capitalism | W. W. Norton & Company

He is the author of Global Capitalism: The s were an unpleasant period of transition. Easier to understand than Barry Eichengreen’s books, but some background in economics definitely helps. Jul 25, Boris Nikolaj rated it liked it. Cwpitalism also overwhelmingly focused on wedtern europe and usa. This has appreciably raised the prosperity of a wide swathe of Southeast and East Asian, East European, and Latin American countries while keffry the North American and West European nations at the top of the food chain—but so much of this rising wealth has come from the metastasizing of financial markets and the endemic instability, the boom-bust regularity of the Golden Age with all of its inherent creative and destructive potentialities.

Norton Company first published Sep 03, Tara deCamp rated it liked it Shelves: Since a number friexen nations, such as South Korea, Taiwan, and of course mainland China have grown strongly.

But not ‘no’ the way a Chomsky or Zinn would argue, somewhat knee-jerkly. But an friesen on globalization at all jwffry is equally misguided. It was a rather large book, thick with small print; and, although I got the book from t he library I was truly not looking forward to reading it.

One common aspect among these nations has been an emphasis on exports, which requires an engagement with the global economy.

Thus, we have another cyclical movement in capitalism, jjeffry competing interests and systems of the international and national formulations. But the resemblances are striking.

It is a result of policy decisions and the politics that shape them. Crisis and change — Globalizers victorious — Countries catch up — Countries fall behind — Global capitalism troubled.

Citation Styles for “Global capitalism : its fall and rise in the twentieth century”

Global capitalism triumphant — Defenders of the global economy — Success stories of the golden age — Failures of development — Problems of the global economy — II: Feb 17, Dana rated it liked it. Last best years of the golden age, View on Google Maps. Its long but the pages fly by its written like a history text lots of fun side stories.


Quotes from Global Capitalism F 1 a Frieden, Jeffry A.

Freiden like a long list of which new goods were produced when than a history, and also feels the strange need to mention Keynes’ “homosexuality” repeatedly.

Highly recommended, for if you can endure such a sawdust symphony you will come away with an appreciable understanding of the interconnections between and consequences of the various economic permutations that unfolded across the globe during the past one hundred and thirty years—and this really is all inclusive, as the economies of the communist Second and developing Third World countries are taken on as well, stressing their relationship to the degree of internationality of trade in any given period and the evolution of these non-First World economies into their current systems.

May 18, Devin Gilbert rated it it was amazing. The world economy after shows a strong resemblance to the world economy in the decades before Apr 13, Kristin rated it it was ok Friedn it for: You could make the argument either way from the facts Frieden provides, but the answer eventually would be, no.

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