JCM Taiko PUB Bill Acceptor uses a revolutionary drum winding technology that not only transports banknotes, but acts as an effective anti-fishing. AUBURN, Maine, Dec. 7, /PRNewswire/ — A new Cleaning Card for the JCM Global Taiko Bill Validators is being launched today through. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Home · Bill validators; JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11).. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Il TAIKO is small, efficient, secure and very easy to use.

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If the Validator Head has to be repaired by disassembling it, always re-calibrate the Sensors following a repair.

Do not install the Unit into an area where excessive vibration, shock or chemical vapors are present. Software Download Preparation Perform the Aging Test See No. Tightening the nuts with too much force can damage the Bezel.

Figure Taiko Operational Flowchart part 3 The Cleaning Card will be accepted and then automatically returned. Proceed as follows to perform a Solenoid Test: A-1 Error Codes and Conditions The greatest fishing protection is obtained by selecting the five rotation setting.


Accept Setting Mode When To Calibrate Type 2 Do not taiok the unit to water. If the Banknote is returned the Red LED will flash a specific number of times indicating the return error condition. Workbench Tool Requirements In this case, start the procedure over again from the very beginning.

JCM Taiko Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards KWJCM-B5B15M

Incorrect Connection Correct Software is not downloaded Banknote Acceptor is not working does not accept any Banknotes. Don’t have an account? This equipment is intended for indoor use only.

When downloading is complete, the Screen will automatically return to the Screen previously shown. Figure Reference Paper Insertion Insert the new Bezel Guide into the exciting Bezel and replace and tighten the two 2 mounting screws that bind the Bezel to the Bezel Guide.

Led Pattern Setting Mode Asia And Oceania Don’t have an account? In order to make operation of this device easier and make navigation within this manual simpler, the following illustrations were used within the text: Figure Lower Guide Lever Removals This section contains the following information: The Transport Motor will rotate in a reverse direction.

TAIKO™ (PUB-7/11) – JCM Global – JCM Global

Jcm Gold hk Ltd Taiko Sensor And Roller Locations Pub-7 System Wiring Diagrams continued Writing A New Serial Number Figure Attaching a Taiko Power Connector 3. Any other power level can damage the Taiko Unit! A-3 Taiko Usage Specifications Part Serial Number Writer Application Use The Figure PdbConv Ver.


Do not use any Alcohol, thinner or citrus based products for cleaning any surfaces. However, Steps 9, 10 and 11 of this last procedure may be omitted.

TAIKO™ (PUB-7/11)

After an initial operation is performed, the LED will flash a number of times equal to the total number of Banknote denominations processed. Do not use the Acceptor where temperature variations widely fluctuate.

Transport Drum Disassembly Figure Adjustment Complete Paper Ejection Jcm Europe Gmbh The necessary torque is 0. Type 1 Do not insert a torn, folded, or wet Banknote, as this action may cause a Banknote jam inside the unit. Primary Unit Disassembly Dip Switch Tests Software Downloading Procedure Mag Board Removal pub Only Home About us Contacts.

Figure Adjustment Complete Paper Ejection