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Although obscure at the time duczsse its initial publication, Maldoror was rediscovered and championed by the Surrealist artists during the early twentieth century. Ducasse was a frequent visitor to nearby libraries, where he read Romantic literature, as well as scientific works and encyclopaedias.

Ducasse considered that this was because “life in it is painted in acntos harsh colors” letter to the banker Darasse from 12 March He differentiated the two parts of his work with the terms philosophy and poetryannounced that the beginning of a struggle against evil was the reversal of his other work:.

Dali deployed the entire arsenal of his characteristic imagery in his illustrations to Les Chants.

Comte de Lautréamont

Canros museum’s collection boasts another edition of Les Chants de Maldoror. Ducasse died inaged 24, in the chaos of the siege of Paris during the Franca-Prussian war.

Man Ray brilliantly juggles with the words in the title and the form and content of his ‘simple’ object. They could identify with Ducasse’s world of ideas, for imagination runs riot in Les Chants.

The romantic epic of the anti-hero Maldoror consists of six ‘songs’ or chapters the songs are divided into stanzas. Apart from these opening segments, each chapter is typically an isolated, often surreal episode, which does not seem at first to be directly related to the surrounding material.


The agony you must be going through! University of Ducawse, In Man Ray made a reconstruction, which was issued as a multiple in an edition of ten by the Galleria Schwarz in Milan.

In the like-minded artist, Les Chants evoked associations, hallucinations canto deliriums which are linked with his ‘personal myths’.

Translated by Knight, Paul. Some episodes take place in a town or city, while others occur at a deserted shorewith only a few actors. It was the publication of Lautreamont at Any Cost by the Surrealists Philippe Soupault and Andre Breton that assured Lautreamont a permanent place in French literature and the status of maldroor saint to the Surrealist movement.

Like Ducasse, these malvoror flouted convention, ridiculed values and standards, and launched their weapons of provocation and untrammelled imagination against the dictatorship of reason. For example, an early passage [c] warns the reader not to continue:. Ducasse’s character becomes obsessed with an edition of Les Fleurs du Mal siidore the novel, while taking a trip by train through Europe.

I will adorn and embalm my body with perfumes and garlands for this expiatory holocaust; and together we shall suffer, I from being torn, you from tearing me In it, a schoolboy named Mervyn returns home to his well-to-do family in Paris, unaware that Maldoror had been stalking him. These animals are praised precisely for their inhumanity, which fits the work’s misanthropic tone:. One gets the feeling that absolutely everything is undermined, and that every passage is therefore questionable.

A random selection from a dicasse tissue of words, and there are plenty more in one of the most bizarre books of all time. Other pervasive themes include homosexualityblasphemyand violent crimeoften directed against children. After leaving school at 19, it is speculated that Ducasse traveled, perhaps to visit his father in Uruguay or in the Bordeaux region in France where he may have made literary contacts.


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During school he was fascinated by Racine and Corneilleand by the scene of the blinding in Sophocles ‘ Oedipus Rex. The living conditions worsened rapidly during the siege, and according to the owner of the hotel he lodged at, Ducasse became sick with a “bad fever”.

After graduation he lived in Tarbes, where he started a friendship with Georges Dazet, the son of his guardian, and decided to become a writer.

Comte de LautrĂ©amont – Wikipedia

Both works regularly describe animals by way of simile or colorful analogy, and although God is praised, other passages suggest on the contrary an atheistic humanism which places man above God: Maldoror’s mqldoror and final part instead employs a definite change in stylewhile retaining most of the themes already developed. The first canto was published anonymously in With some exceptions, most chapters consist of a single, lengthy paragraph.

The well-known figures of the farmer and his wife sunk in prayer, standing in a potato field, appear in four etchings with items from Dal!