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Basically, all the normal things to restart a diesel. Ilikeurtractor, When isolating the injectors, what do I do to the hard lines? More Stock Expected Soon. Good luck is finding and correcting your problem. When attempting to start it iiseki and pushed out smoke that wasn’t exactly black, but somewhat brownish gray.

The tractor chugs as if it is going to start and I get some black smoke but it will not start.

Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now won’t start after repair In my experience, and according to things I have read, grey smoke means little combustion is occurring, as when the chamber is cold and no preheating device is used.

So maybe I have a second problem going on and this is all coincidental. I have the Mitsubishi K3A td2140 engine. Find parts quickly and easily using our exploded catalogue diagrams that enables you to: On a second occasion I had been working on the tractor and had knocked three of the six glow plug wires off of the glow plugs.

Could it be possible that the valve is partly closed yx2140 when you took the fuel line off? We have the complete Sparex range of replacement tractor parts and accessories at Malpasonline. We will not share your e-mail address with any other party for any reason.


Maybe we should have gotten a crankcase heater in the L!

I don’t know if glow plugs draw current when they go bad or not. You could try emailing Sam from Sam’s Bolens. The procedure I was doing prior more or less did the same thing. Does it crank slowly? I’ll do some more research and see what I can find.

But I am now thinking I didn’t tx140 enough attention yesterday. The hot air iswki somewhere above degrees Fahrenheit, so even on a 90 degree day is as much different as the atmospheric air temperature is from 40 degrees.

Example Searches By Part No: Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now won’t start after repair Hmm, thats too bad, I was hoping that it would start for you.

View Order Form Close. I can’t have them open or capped I assume. That tractor is on a remote piece of property so it will be a week or so before I get back there to try it out. Popular Vintage Tractor Makes: Water pump for Massey Tx140 I will try this procedure in the morning. I repaired the line, filled the tank, opened the bowl to remove any air, bled the low pressure line to the injector pump and cracked each high pressure line at the injectors until I saw diesel ooze out while I cranked it over.

All isrki are GMT I did not notice and the tractor ran out of fuel. Water pump, oil sump, steering arm By Product Name: Popular Modern Tractor Makes: Also, it may be the glow plug issue that you think. One of the cattle operators said today he had a hard time starting it tz2140 few days ago when he moved it. Then, use a jumper wire or some other method to test each glow plug and make sure each is pulling current.

Axles & Transmission Components for Iseki TX2140 (T Series)

So I know at least 2 are drawing current. By clicking the button below, you agree to the TractorByNet. View All items in this product category. In normal starting if I don’t engage the glow plugs long enough prior to attempting to start, the tractor produces massive quantities of gray smoke and the corrective action is to engage the glow plugs a little longer and usually it takes right off.


Iseki TX tractor dimensions information

I have that Manual in printed form but it is at home tx2410 my tractor is at my remote farm. If you are getting black smoke it sure sounds like the glow plugs are not heating anything at all, otherwise I would expect gray smoke, indicating the fuel is being heated. Crank until the pulses seem equivalent in volume and iski.

As the engine approaches the point it will run, the smoke turns darker.

I thought about your tractor situation when I started mine today, and I checked my fuel that was low after iskei out last week, and having to bleed mine. Below is a trouble shooting guide that may help. This range has parts suitable for a huge number of tractor makes and agricultural machinery manufacturers including Massey Ferguson, Ford New Holland, Zetor and Case IH. Originally Posted by JoeBuyer. I tried this, even bleeding about a cup of fuel.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search for diagrams by make, model and application Identify where your part goes Match related parts Ensure the part fits your tractor make and model Identify part numbers and add them to your order View all Exploded diagrams.