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Mixed amylose with the ratio of long chain amy’ lose portion hereinafter long chain amylose with D. The temperature of the solution was adjusted to 30C.

After converting the starch suspension into amylose with the employment of a-l. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy Policyand We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

A process according to claim 1 wherein the amylose obtained by hydrolyzing starch with Alpha -1,6-glucosidase from the species Pseudomonas amyloderomosa has a content of long chain amylose with D.

The conditions for reaction are listed in Table 2. Foreign Application Priority Data Nov.

USA – Process for the production of amylose films – Google Patents

The deposited precipitate was centrifuged, washed in cold water and thus pure amylose was obtained. Atypically salt-responsive alkali-deacetylated polysaccharide produced by xanthomonas campestris. The amylose and amylopectin portions present in cereal starch. A 20 7 suspension was prepared from the starch. Films containing over 50 7r of S portion proved usable.


The mixture was treated by the same method as that of Example In the case of this enzyme. Precipitate was separated and S-amylose 7-S was obtained. However the fact that the films are produced from amylomaize starch amylomaize is a corn hybrid developed genetically, which contains 80 7r of amylose.

The thus obtained films had desirable transparency.

US3879212A – Process for the production of amylose films – Google Patents

After dissolving precipitate the solution was cooled slowly. At a concentration of 10 7c, and pH 6. Register a new account. The film had small bubbles 120f an inferior transparency; light transparency was a little over 50 Defined heat treatment, under acidic conditions, of solutions of polysaccharide biopolymers. Although a relatively elastic film was obtained.

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United States Patent Yoshida et a1. Subsequently the film was submerged in a 13 7c glycerin solution for 10 minutes and dried at 30C. The complete dispersion was cooled rapidly to 50C to 102c retrogradation. Therefore the fact that both amylose films and starch syrups can be manufactured most economically.


Increase of the amylose concentration in the alkali solution was possible. Yeah like I said, four degrees Films produced from amylose are receiving great attention recently as a material for food packaging or coating.

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A process according to claim 1 wherein the amylose obtained by hydrolyzing starch with Amylose starch which deposited upon allowed cooling was centrifuged. In the case of films formed from enzymatically treated starch ir, viscosites were reduced, film formation procedure could be conducted with ease.

Yields were calculated by adding deposits which were obtained from the mother liquid following concentrating and cooling.

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Posted October urm, Immediately upon formation of precipitate the mixture was centrifuged, and washed with water. Especially as the S-amylose content approaches the 50 72 level a tendency for a sudden decline in the tensilities is apparent.

Posted August 21, Then incubated at 45C for 40 hours.