Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin Interview with an Exorcist by José Antonio Fortea The Rite by Matt Baglio The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott I Am Not. by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants . Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA[]. By: FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA. Many current movies like Constantine, Hellboy and.

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There was an unpublished book in Spain at the time, but none other on the subject. And he does all of this in very straightforward language, so this text is a quick and easy read as well as an interesting one. May 19, Liam is currently reading it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It does not matter whether these forces are good or evil; a witch or sorcerer seeks to harness their power. From all of the people that come to us, perhaps 50 percent don’t claim they are possessed, and they are not.

This is an easy book about a very interesting topic formatted in unique way. Mar 26, Akeyla Pratt rated it really liked it. As such, one is dealing with powers that, no matter how powerful that may be, can be dominated by a technique. It gave me great knowledge. After a year or two, there was a second case. Paperbackpages. Apr 05, R. The author utilizes a question and answer format so you can skip around to that which particularly interests you.

That was the case where levitation occurred twice, and many other strange phenomenon. I had my eyes closed, praying, when it occurred, but others who were present saw the levitation twice.


This is an exorcist who knows very well what his subject is and I am so appreciative that he chose to share it with a world that needs it more than ever. Dry, preachy, catholic propaganda eoxrcist a Frequently Asked Questions form. It felt philosophical in the way the exorcist gave his answers.

But at the time of this first case, I was the only exorcist in Spain. What is the truth about exorcism?

Interview With a Real Life Exorcist | LoveToKnow

Jan 20, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: This book very interesting to me. A lot of interesting information about exorcists and exorcisms, but I was wish there were more stories and intterview about actual exorcisms. Although some may argue that demonic possession, demonic infestation, etc. Father Fortea has been practicing the rite for the Catholic Church for over twenty years.

Interview With a Real Life Exorcist

While the answers in this book that the priests gives do not always align themselves with the Word of God, it makes for an interesting read. Only praying can give you an answer. That was a clear case that there was no other reason for the supposed “sickness”. Nothing juicy, but some great insight into the mind of an exorcist. Informative and a good starting point to other possible areas of research. I enjoyed this book, very much. There are certain phenomenon that we know of, a pattern, that you simply don’t see on TV or in the movies.

It was more an oversimplification that when read by somebody who never came across any real theology before could easily be understood completely falsely. Okay, foortea book has mysteriously disappeared from my apartment. If there is no priest at the diocese, they need to ask for the name of the nearest diocese with a priest who is specialized.


Many people suffer from demons, but don’t suffer from possession. Created not to scare but to empower us against the enemies. Na while these type of books can be informative and entertaining, the best place to go for accurate information is the Word of God itself. I found the entire book to be very informative and thought provoking. Nov 19, Kim rated it really liked it. She began to reply in Spanish, with a fully memorized version of the Psalm. If they suffer from something extraordinary, they need to call their diocese and ask for the priest that specializes in this field.

It was a very quick read. It was only after my first book that many more cases began presenting themselves.

It reminded me of the epistemology and metaphysics classes I took. The Church was only unterview to name exorcists. It’s a real fear. I found this book to be a wonderful resource and consider it a valuable addition to my library. Jan 19, Sarah rated it really liked it. Dec 11, K.

There were some clever moments where the author recounted a real story to aid exorcis explanation. Return to Book Page. When you spoke about it, no one really understood the subject. I earned some new ideas about what demons are and how they relate to angels. While most of my knowledge of exorcism has been limited to Hollywood portrayals, this short read gives a candid look into the ministry of the inetrview from a real one.

This book will open the eyes of the reader, especially if you had doubts to start with.