Buy a cheap copy of Insatiable book by Opal Carew. A tantalizing new erotic romance from author Opal Carew that dares to ask:How far would you go for a taste. Insatiable Contemporary Erotic Romance February 14, St. Martin’s Griffin ISBN Buy the Book How far would you go for a taste of. A tantalizing new erotic romance from author Opal Carew that dares to ask:How far would you go for a taste of ecstasy?Crystal never dreamed her engagement.

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Could somebody more step in to this relationship? The idea of the story was good and it was off to a pretty good start; however, the plot didn’t really flow throughout the rest of the book at least to me. Jul 11, Hard12luv rated it really liked it Shelves: In the beginning there was almost no difference between the scene when Crystal had sex with Evan and when she had sex with Brent. And you’re left wondering, wait, where did that come from? Sep 30, Jessalyn King rated it it was ok Shelves: The sex scenes are so hot, I had to fan myself while reading!

So if you want a book with sex,sex,sex,and varied multiple partners,then this is it. I also had a hard time buying into that all of a sudden Brett nisatiable Evan, who have been life long friends, not are into each other as lovers too, not bh a menage with Crystal.

Maybe even from any erotica books at all! It’s definitely a hot story, but it’s not a fulfilling one.


Insatiable by Opal Carew

Now, I certainly don’t care that that happened. I read it for the sex and given that I enjoyed it. Caught between two gorgeous guys—each determined win her hand by showing her the most pleasure—Crystal has an impossible decision to make. By the time I finished the book I felt like I hardly knew anything about these characters I knew going into reading this book that there was a good chance I insatiabl not like it.

Poor guy,she feels bad for him and she does love him,so sexxing again. Soon enough Sarah comes in and it is all about Sarah again. It makes things more on the unbelievable side.

I picked this off the library self because the synopsis sounded like it was going to be a fluffy, yet angsty book.

The bride and best man hit it off in the aftermath, and all is well in paradise with a new love blooming!

His to Possess 3: Evan watched Crystal stride away, then turned his gaze back Brent to find himself staring into the piercing brown eyes of his friend. I was hoping for a solid story with good character development, lots of emotion, and some hot sex with it.

I gave up on page Which makes the whole dealings even less special. Insatiable A Novel by Opal Carew.

Have lots more random sex because that will help me decide who I love. Just jnsatiable the wedding Evan tells Crystal he loves her and wants a chance. Facts that let you know who you are reading about. Mastered by her Captor. It would be too difficult. By making an other woman fondle the heroine on a beach!


I understand that she was torn, but towards the end of the book, she opl seemed to be attracted to the idea of just passion verses a relationship. You won’t like it. I understand that Evan and Brent feel conflicted with the idea of sharing Crystal, but carfw just felt like beating a dead horse and repeating the problem over and over.

After I finished this book, with as much sex that it contained, I felt like I needed to read something lighter.

Then there’s the bisexual issue of the story where Brent and Evan start messing around with each other. I caree actually maybe halfway through when it occurred to me that the book was rather tame for an Opal Carew book. It was a rather scandalous romantic feel to the book with them running off to the honeymoon resort and got to explore the connection and heat between them.

Refresh and try again. Mastered By My Guardian.


I had to skip any sex scenes because of that. Goes to the beach and meets very attractive woman,well she just had to put suntan lotion all over her breast,and who but her two fav boys sees this happening. The audiobook narration by Opla Carlisle was “ok”.