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My kids have learned so much and have been excelling since starting at Alphabetic Kids!

informatikkaufmann projektdokumentation download

At Alphabetic Kids, the Kindergarten K. It is often helpful to let the teachers know when you are coming and who you will be bringing baby bother or sister, grandparents, etc. Naitiki Singh since they were infants and we are all a big family now!

We have always felt like a part of her family and the care our kids have gotten has always been loving and excellent. Projeltdokumentation develop Dancing skills in performing and perceiving through participation dancing, as well as watching, and supporting others in their class. Our happy parents My child love to learn and have fun in Alphabetic Kids Preschool premises.


Apply for Admission Now. Who can pick up my child from school? Does my child need to be Potty Trained?

Can I sit in with my child in class? Abacus is the best way for all children to learn how to calculate without using a calculator, pencil and papers. My child love to learn and have fun in Alphabetic Kids Preschool premises. Our children love being at Alphabetic Kids! Is there Space in the program to enroll my child?

Thank you Alphabetic Kids for creating such a perfect place for my daughter! Pick and Drop Service. At Alphabetic Kids, the Play Group programme nurtures children to continue their exploration.

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FAQ How can I find out what my child is doing? Alphabetic Kids is Best preschool in Virar Mumbai. The perfect class for your child with the best staff and best teachers. Day care program at Alphabetic Kids has been designed to provide a facility for parents who would like to see their child be safe and comfortable, while they are at their workplaces.

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Best Preschool in Virar At Alphabetic Kids, we are redefining projektdokumentarion child care education with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment.


At Alphabetic Kids, we are redefining early child care education with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. She begs to go pdojektdokumentation Kindergarten every day and is so proud of her accomplishments when I pick her up. If you have not personally introduced us to this person, we will ask for identification.

At Alphabetic Kids the nursery curriculum provides pfojektdokumentation right array of activities to guide children move towards achieving their early learning goals. Also provides Pick and Drop Service.

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We love your Kindergarten! Day Care Centre 2 – 10 Years. The Teaching staff is phenomenal!

Enrollment is on-going and a child may enter at informatikkauvmann time during the year. Best Preschool in Mumbai. My sons have been with Ms. We do not have a potty-trained prerequisite for two or three years old.