The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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If he answers that he sees an angel or other materialisation, swcret master of the operation shall say in a friendly tone: It has been said of course that this was the powerful talisman which caused him to rise to such heights, and to gain wealth and power, as well as evading all traps of his many enemies.

Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah”

The footprint is, of course, that of the person who is being cursed. One might find some sort of analogy in, say, electricity. Place the steel in a clean, white cloth. He who has it, and uses it according to the instructions, will be able not only to perform idriea ceremonies: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Secret Lore of Magic: Books of the Sorcerers – Idries Shah – Google Books

The Jacinth of the Saphire is very shining yellow, having no watrishnes, and this is better. On die breast is embroidered in red silk, and with a consecrated needle1 this: The inferiors of Lucifer are in Europe and Asia, and obey him. He also makes known the virtues of plants, where they are to be found, when to pluck them, and their making into a complete cure. Now stir the fire, and light the wax tapers. Mark Hill rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Maigc Geyer rated it liked it Mar 19, I In- rile may be done anywhere that is clean and pure.


A rod of green elder is taken, and the marrow removed from its two ends. Naturally, it is guarded by spirits.

In its use as a magical accessory, then, the pentacle had to be drawn on virgin lambskin in bright red ink, and the skin prepared v. If any man drink the juyce of it, it maketh him to do often the act of generation. And they should be drawne out in the moneth of August, and two stones are found oftentimes in one swallow.

This is the general rule in relation to the secret doctrines of magical and alchemical works. Above this spot is hung a lamp, whose ml shall contain fat from the body of a man who died during July.

The Appearance of Spirits Spirits do not always appear in the same shape. Of the Knife It is necessary to have a knife or a lancet, of new steel, icries on the day and hour of Jupiter with the Moon crescent i.

This hearb taketh name of the Sunne: It is said of old and new philosophers, if it be put in seething water, the bubbling up and seething will soone cease; and a little alter, it will waxe colde and it is a shining and ruddie stone.


Then take the second piece and throw it likewise, saying terly, for thee. I lie medallion dedicated to the planet Mercury, commanding all tin loe thereof, is variously stated to be of a silver-gold alloy, or a i in Mure of various metals—unspecified.

Hie Erection of the Circle When the master and his disciples are themselves ready for the iiie, and have prepared all that they need for it in the way of accessories, the next step is the making of a magical circle: Casso is a beast that is knowne very well. And it is sprinkled with bloudy drops. Go, then, in peace, to rule the element which is your divinely ordained abode.

This hath been proved of our brethren.

The Secret Lore of Magic

William Zachmann rated it really liked it Aug 19, Note that there shall be nothing idrues, neither anything crosswise to anything else, no tapestries or clothes hanging, and no hats or cages of birds, or curtains of the bed, and so on.

Also if thou shalt mixe the aforesaid thing with the secrte of a yong Hare, and keepe it in the skin of a Hare, all the Hares will bee gathered there until it be removed.

Leave it to rest a moment, and then look at it through the glass, not touching it.

Of the Chaldees it is called Bordicta; of the Greeks, Isoa.