The Irish immigrants were (self-evidently) not A. How the Irish Became White. Noel Ignatiev, Author, Ignatiev Noel, Author Routledge $55 (p) ISBN. “How the Irish Became White”. by Noel Ignatiev. Routledge. “It is a curious fact,” wrote John Finch, an English Owenite who traveled the. The relevant scholarly literature seems to have started with Noel Ignatiev’s book “ How the Irish Became White,” and taken off from there.

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There was an error while adding the following items. Just a theory, however. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you. This book is more a springboard whitte discussion than a source of answers but is strongly recommended for that purpose. I am by no means defending some of the behavior of some Irish in America in the s, however this book had the w If you are Irish and want to feel even worse about yourself, or if you just plain don’t like white people, I highly recommend this book.

We are prepared to send pregnant women, sick children, and disabled children to tiny tent cities on achingly poor Pacific islands.

Dont buy all this its not true history. I think this is one of Noel’s best pieces of writings. Patriarchal Terror and the Creation of Capitalism 3. They have a policy to stop people arriving here called Operation Sovereign Borders. The poor inevitably squabble among each other for scarce resources, and the ruling class, are either too greedy, too callous, or too spineless to do anything about it.


Mar 23, DoctorM rated it liked it Shelves: Or rather, what do you have to do to a population to ensure such a result?

Review of “How the Irish Became White”

Most insightful were his thoughts on the concept of race in general featured in the afterward. This is definitely a great topic for a book, basically exploring the reasons why one part of the lower class would side with their oppressors against another part of their own class.

The End of Capitalism A new world is on its way. Bunch of racists that cry wolf. Do you have any racially neurotic friends?

Review of “How the Irish Became White” | The End of Capitalism

Who Were the Witches? Remember that for over years there have been incredible tensions between two sections of the population, the main difference between them being that one group is rather fond of Jesus and the other group quite likes his mum. Ignatiev follows Allen in his distinction between racial and national oppression–it turns on the composition of the group that enforces elite rule: This book could still be better but he’s definitely not the murderous psychopath that so many are accusing him of being.

March 2, at 8: Ignatiev believes that these and other pressures convinced the Irish that being “white” was most hwo to success in America. The most is mostly rambling case studies and anecdotes, with a numbing listing of events with little narrative or explanation. Feb 06, Gina rated it did not like it. Trivia About How the Irish Bec They were rich and owned slaves.


I feel like Ignatiev could have structured his thoughts in a more cohesive manner some topics felt like they were spontaneously thrown in and never touched againbut this is still a really interesting read.

Ignatiev uses a lot iignatiev primary sources so the language can be difficult. The development of different racial attitudes and identities between the Irish and Irish Americans is sad.

Notify me of new comments via email. This is a fascinating read and a sad one for someone of Irish ancestry. If you claim Irish ancestry, don’t buy into the neg hype – to truly Ignatiev has gotten a lot of crap from people saying he paints the Irish as a bunch of racist assholes but I didn’t see that in this history of the creation of the white race. Go read something about the Molly Maguires if you need to feel better.