They were taxed at 20% on the entire amount and this is shown. that if someone doesn’t complete a self assessment then they fill in form P Danny Alexander has ordered a review of the tax affairs of top civil servants after. “It is also the practice of HMRC that where a company has the right to appoint a director . These simple words could form part of the Chancellor’s Budget speech! ove. In /10 charities received over £1, million from HMRC, as the tax .. S ome or all of Gift Aid would be turned into a form of state grant subject to the will of .. for maintaining the donor records of micro and small charities [11], etc.

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One, the other or both numbers are required for many common tasks in Brazil, such as opening a bank account or getting a driver’s license. It is based on the DNI and appends 2 numbers at the beginning and one at the end. Given this openness, the kennitala is never used as yov authenticator.

The ID is required for applying for credit, opening a bank account, and for voting. The number is given to all Indonesian citizen.

National identification number – Wikipedia

The last digit of serial number indicates gender: Foreign residents are required to use their passports together with the 11efc containing their NIE number. XXX is a unique sequential number where – is used for males and – for females.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Add with individual state code as per issue 11tec a unique no of district. For some time, the West German government intended to create a digit personal identification number Personenkennzeichen, PKZ for all citizens, registered alien residents on its territory, as well as for all non-resident Nazi victims entitled to compensation payments.

It was invented under the Vichy regime.

The algorithm is not publicly revealed. Characters in odd positions have different values.

  CPS LS3000 PDF

Social security number is also unique. Retrieved 24 April Although some countries are required to collect Taxpayer Identification Number TIN information for overseas payment procedures, some countries, like the US, are not required to collect other nations’ TIN if other requirements are met, such as date of birth.

It is also used as a customer code by banks, insurance companies, and landlords. The YY part of the date of birth is calculated from the following table: These two numbers are used for a broad number of purposes – both in the public and the private sectors – and not only for the specific purposes for which they were originally conceived.

National identification number — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

However, due to the decentralized nature of local NHS organizations issuing the numbers, some patients have been allocated several numbers, the ratio is more often more one person: An exception algorithm exists in gob of perfectly matching codes for two persons.

Therefore, the birth number is considered a sensitive piece of personal information. Businesses and universities use the kennitala fogms a customer or student identifier, and all banking transactions include it. From July 1, Personal Codes are issued glv indication to date of birth. This enables the application to communicate across sectors. Since these documents were not then issued to the majority population, the “race” code does not include those classified as Black.

Osobni identifikacijski broj OIBis used for identifying the citizens and legal persons in many government and civilian systems.

A total of There is as well a number assigned to companies: The Emirates Identity Authority Arabic: In Francethe INSEE code is used as a social insurance number, a national identification number, for taxation purposes, for employment, etc. A South African person identification number is a digit number containing only numeric characters, formms no whitespace, punctuation, or alpha characters.

HMRC forms

However, due to function creepthe number has become used for other purposes to the point where it is almost essential to have one to, among other things, open a bank account, obtain a credit card, foems drive a car. During Portuguese rule, Macau had no unified identification system, and several departments had the authority to issue identity cards to Macau citizens and residents. Digits seven to nine NNG are used to make the number unique, where digit nine G is odd for men and even for women.


Most companies that keep records of their customers store it. In Kuwait, the digit national identification number is the Civil Number Arabic: It is of the form Though Indonesia started late, Indonesia National ID program is growing at much rapid pace and assumed to complete earlier than India due to smaller population.

11tc Some authorities may accept the yov license as proof of identity, but the Identity Document is the only universally accepted form of identification. The National Registry Icelandic: The fiscal code uniquely identifies an Italian citizen or permanently resident alien, and is thus used.

Its computation specification [29] is a two-stage process: Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 maint: It will also store the bearer’s mobile number optionalemail address optionaland biometrics data full fingerprints set and iris scan in the PhilSys Registry. Similar numbers are issued to residents and foreigners.

Self Assessment forms and helpsheets

The Personal Identity Code is a means to distinguish between individuals having the same name. In addition, all citizens are required to carry their NIC on them as proof of identity. Archived from the original PDF on The Norwegian u, identification numbering system: Upon reaching the age of 16 the applicant then has to go to the registrar generals offices in their district to obtain a national ID.