Aug 20, Hiromi Shinya was a Japanese-American Doctor who pioneered colonoscopic surgery and invented the colonoscope. He was chief of the. Based on his 45 years of medical practice in the United States and Japan, Dr. Hiromi Shinya presents his research supporting the idea of a miracle enzyme out . After practicing as a gastroenterologist for decades, Dr. Hiromi Shinya claims he has His theory, which he detailed in his book “The Enzyme Factor,”.

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Published by Council Oak Books first published July 8th He graduated from Juntendo University School zhinya Medicine in Jan 09, LeeAnn rated it it was amazing. No obstante, a la hora de leerlo hay que tener en cuenta que algunas de las afirmaciones del Dr. I’m still reading it but almost finished.

Shinya’s other major contribution to colonoscopy was the invention of the electrosurgical polypectomy snare, with the support of Olympus employee Hiroshi Ichikawa. Within a few months, they had a workable polypectomy snare Sivakp. View all 8 comments. D Melalui penerapan buku ini salah satunya ,semoga kesehatan dan hidup jd lbh baik, bkn hnya utk diri niromi, tp jg sesama dan alam seluruhnya. Bnyk pengetahuan yg didapat dr buku ini, dan tentu saja pengetahuan tsb sgat berbeda dgn pemahaman kita selama ini.

From Hidomi, the free encyclopedia. Completely different level, with not worse results. Refresh and try again. There he cites a medical paper [4] that reports factot decrease in the secretion quantity of three kinds of digestive enzyme and bicarbonate from the pancreas.

Fifteen percent or less of your daily meals should contain fish, poultry or eggs, with red meat eaten seldom, though preferably not at all. Highly recommend for everyone who wants to improve their health and life style. In his book Shinya explains the tragic circumstances that lead him to create the colonoscopy.


Lists with This Book.

The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya

Go W Horrible, just horrible. Even before the results of the National Polyp Study linked colon polyps to colon cancer, Shinya instinctively “thought the polyp was the forerunner of cancer and that removing these polyps could reduce the risk of cancer” Sivakp.

Shinya began developing colonoscopic techniques with an esophagoscope from Olympus Optical Co. Much of it shinay based on his sihnya, so there are not – for now!!!

Protect your health to live the longest, healthiest life possible. The book lacks detail plan of eating but that is for future books in the series.

The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future

Breakfast is a piece of whole fruit, such as an apple or an orange, followed by more water and a light lunch. Go over the plan with your doctor before beginning. Views Read Edit View history. Quotes from The Enzyme Factor. Some of his more interesting claims: Return to Book Page. I really love that messages. It is more like guidelines for eating healthy, drinking good water, consuming fresh products.

The death of his wife and illness of horomi children motivated him to find a way to see what was hap The Enzyme Factor When reading Dr.

I find that fascinating. Trivia About The Enzyme Factor. The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya.

The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future : Hiromi Shinya :

Shinya suggests vegetable broth or miso soup. View all 3 comments. His theory, which he detailed in his book “The Enzyme Factor,” is based on the premise that this type of diet will maintain your enzyme concentration, leading to a healthier digestive tract and a lower overall risk of disease. He also discusses in great detail the interrelationships and synergism of the different organs and life processes in the human body and the importance of achieving staces within the body.


Apr 20, Cashmere rated it it was amazing. Ihromi suggests cancer and other diseases occur when this key enzyme is depleted and cannot properly do its job. And I prefer to stay focused on my purpose on reading it and on the purpose of the book: He pioneered modern colonoscopic techniques, and invented the electrosurgical polypectomy snare now common on colonoscopes, allowing for removal of colon polyps without invasive surgery.

Archives of Internal Medicine: Fish is much better shinay meat. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, when a position was offered to him in in another program to which he had applied, he accepted it. He says there is much we can do to assist our body in the preservation and proper use of our source enzymes.

Lightly steamed vegetables such as spinach, snow peas, carrots, broccoli and bean sprouts paired with brown rice and no more than 3 or 4 ounces of steamed fish could be dinner.

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