This page is informative only. Hikitsuchi Sensei has passed and what follows is a mere reflection of his legacy left behind. Hikitsuchi Michio Aikido master 10th. We turn the spotlight on the life of Aikido Master Michio Hikitsuchi, and how he promoted the art of Aikido. Aikido Success Blueprint offers key action steps for fast. Page française sur Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei 10e Dan. K likes. Michio HIKITSUCHI éleve du fondateur de l’AIKIDO Morihei Ueshiba.

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It is a pleasure to have information posted that is informative and educational. Hikitsuchi first met Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei as a child and studied several martial arts.

Interview with Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei, Aikido 10th Dan by Laurin Herr and Tim Detmer

Chuck Gordon cgordon budogu. It’s not a clean and simple process and you can and should expect claims to be challenged.

He also had extensive knowledge of Shinto Norito chanting and the spiritual teachings of the Kojiki—areas of personal emphasis by his teacher, the founder of aikido. This article has multiple issues. Military Special Forces seminar, special training of the U.

Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei

Heiny Sensei brings to her seminars not only her dynamic teaching, but also her extensive experience and study of Japanese culture, language, Shinto, and Buddhist philosophies. Not only that Moriheilearned to apply Aikido in practice, but he also became a walking encyclopedia of Aikido teachings. If you are serious about reconciling it doesn’t come with insults, aspersions, preconditions or admonitions.


Inshe opened The Seattle School of Aikido. Morihei taught him everything he knew, about Aikido as a martial art and as a worldview, a philosophy.

I’ll try again Bruce Honolulu, Hawaii Join Date: Originally posted by Kenn I have a solution. In this Japanese namethe family hikitsuchl is Hikitsuchi. But show a little respect to those who have spent their whole lives learning and practicing this art. I hikiysuchi not realize that the actual certificate was awarded to Tohei K. I have a solution. He radiates the ki flow and the joy that he encourages us to feel in our training.

I guess I missed something. He began as an apprentice to O’Sensei in and continued for 15 years until the founder’s death in April of The clear bead at the center changes everything. Personally, I’ve wallowed in a lot of crap. What is the source of the statement that Hikitsuchi M.

Hikitsuchi Sensei, Read Sensei’s teacher, received a separate certification in bojitsu from the founder of aikido and he in turn did the same thing for Read Sensei. However I felt compelled to reply to this one.

But if there’s no wall, there’s no need for fitting the window, or the latch. Eventually, Ueshiba pulled it out of the folds of his kimono, praising him highly for his skill.


Kimberly Richardson Sensei has had the fortune to be mentored by all of these teachers. For more than 48 years, Heiny Sensei has followed a path of physical and spiritual inspiration as a student and instructor of Aikido. I was wondering if anyone knew more than what this video presented, if his students were visiting other dojo’s, or giving seminars on what they had learned both style of physical perception of Aikido and insights they might have from their training?

When he was fourteen years old, he met Morihei Ueshiba for the first time. Who is Hikitsuchi, Michio sensei? After years of separation during the war, they came upon each other again near the city of Tanabe and renewed their acquaintance. Page 1 of 2. As his abilities and expertise grew, so did his fame around the world.

Not a student of either of these masters – just curious.

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