Hesse’s novel of two medieval men, one quietly content with his religion and monastic life, the other in fervent search of more worldly salvation. Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only. ‘Narziss and Goldmund’ is a moving, symbolic novel of friendship between a cerebral teacher who becomes a monk (Narziss) and a restless.

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Narcissus and Goldmund – Wikipedia

They offer a binary of opposing beliefs, depicted with few successes and mortal failures. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Goldmund would wish “to stay in the monastery forever and dedicate his life to God. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

At least for me, The Glass Bead Game, as I remember it, had a pervasive suffocating quality, just seeing life as an endless competitive puzzle.

It is one of those books that stays with you. I often had the prohibition of reading for a week. They cannot and may not do otherwise. The letters sound very interesting, maybe the narcissuw will buy another copy!


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Goldmund swimming through the river of life versus Narcissus analyzing the movement of water at a distance. Hermann Hesse was a German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. At school, in family.

But he never stays in one place long enough to have a lasting and deep friendship like the one he had with Narcissus. I mean there is a story to follow, as philosophical as it may be, this novel is never a mere collection of meditations and essays. This helps him to find calmness and rest and he is impressed by a wooden carved image of Mater Dolorosa.

Narcissus takes care of Goldmund. It took a lifetime of wandering for Goldmund to come to the same conclusion about Narcissus- unfortunately he only found stability at the very end. From a worldly perspective, these two man have nothing in common and yet on some higher level they feel a deep connection, the kind that most people never experience Reckless, wild and passionate.

Aug 04, Hadrian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like Liked by 1 person. This novel did a wonderful job of capturing that and I love it for it.

Narcissus & Goldmund – The Duality of the Soul in Hermann Hesse – Let Me See You Writhe

There is danger in trying to force themselves into that false role. The point is that this novel is a great piece of writing. Wandering around the country for years he discovers the ways of love, and seduces countless women. But once again, after a while, he becomes restless and goes godlmund one more time — this time for the last time.


And thus can never give US any! It is an image, which originates in the soul of the artist.

Goodreads germann you keep track of books you want to read. Aug 23, Hans rated it it was amazing Shelves: E questa fa tutto insieme. He settles to become a sculptor for several years, able to brilliantly capture the beauty he has seen.

Ina translation by Ursule Molinaro was published as Narcissus and Goldmund. The way Goldmund walks around goldmumd world is very “Candidesque” and picaresque and I do like this sort of mood.