Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama’s. . Anyhow, the solution is very satisfying, so I recommend Enigma to everybody. 5 out of 5 stars. : ENIGMA Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level 6): Toys & Games. He attempted to cheat and find the solution on YouTube!. Puzzle Store. Welcome to Solutions for your mechanical puzzles. Sequential Puzzles. 4x4x4 Master Cube. Bishop Cubes.

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There are a series of little or even quite big discoveries to be made. Request the FREE solution for this item! Your review will be approved by the site admins to filter inappropriate matter and spam before appearing on the site. On Tuesday August 18th Doug wrote. This Cast Enigma puzzle from Hanayama provides a difficult solution, and has a 6 out of 6 difficulty rating. I infected him with the puzzle habit and he is driving his family nuts and spending more money than he should on puzzles.

Posted by Kevin at 2: The key word is ‘Twist’.

George, you are absolutely right! Antilles guilder – approx. Click Image to Enlarge. On Friday July 10th Rob wrote.

Every single review on its Puzzle Master page has given it a 5 star rating! On Monday August 11th John varner wrote. I hanayama enigma solution myself really! Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. On Monday September 17th Shaggy wrote. On Saturday July 25th EasyOne wrote.

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Cast Enigma – Metal

Separating the final 2 pieces can be hanayama enigma solution in 2 ways. On Thursday October 23rd Pentti wrote. There is a combined move required which manipulates all three pieces at once and this is very very tough indeed. On Monday January 24th piroh wrote. On Saturday September 24th vvigh wrote. I started to try and solve it like a wire disentanglement puzzle – trying to interleave the long ends of the 2 clef-like pieces.

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How to Solve the amazing Hanayama Cast Enigma metal puzzle « Puzzles :: WonderHowTo

Obviously I am no Yoda – I failed to teach him Cardinal law 4b!!!! Now you search for other ways to take this first step and it is not easy or at all intuitive to find it.

Solve the Tetris Cube puzzle How To: To help ensure your review appears please make it hanatama to sollution product shown above and keep your words family friendly.

The puzzle friend of mine hanayxma did manage the disassembly using his own copy of the puzzle has been unable to put it back together again – it has laid in pieces for the best part of 3 weeks!!! On Thursday April 14th luxige wrote. If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to info puzzlemaster.

Kevin Hanayama enigma solution 13 January at This is not a puzzle to be taken lightly! Being metal and a decent size it has a good weight and feels great in the hands.


On looking closer you suddenly realise why there are 3 very uanayama slots within 2 of the pieces – these are the exact correct size to straddle the flattened area on the other piece. Watch this video tutorial to engima how to solve the Hanayama Cast Enigma metal puzzle. Many of my friends and colleagues who I have handed it to have completely failed to find even this first move.


I blame myself really! To make it really tough, wait one year, scramble the parts, and try to get them back together!

Solve the wooden ball puzzle How To: On Saturday February 14th Leshij wrote. Separating the final 2 pieces can be done in 2 ways. Unlike the Cast Vortexyou don’t solve it with no real idea of solutioh it works. Obviously I am no Yoda — I failed hanayama enigma solution teach him Cardinal law hwnayama On picking this up, initially it is not clear how to go about taking it apart.

George 12 January at Every single review on its Puzzle Master page has given it a 5 star rating! This is without a doubt among the most difficult of all puzzles. Patented in America hanayama enigma solutionhanayama enigma solution somewhat swirled pieces of this puzzle by Eldon Vaughn must be disjoined soluyion then hanayamma back together.