E-post [email protected], Web Lifting Trolley Newton Designed with the professional demands on flexibility and functionality. A small and. Travailler efficacement se traduit par travailler de façon sécuritaire et confortablement. Le Newton 70 est idéal pour des produits allant jusqu’à 70 kg. Newton is the perfect combination of ergonomics, safety and NEWTON 70 Hallins Sales AB, Box 24, Fabriksvägen 1, SE 21 Ödeshög, Sweden.

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Hewton investment that is rapidly amortised! Small, stable lifter with plastic platform for professional use. Fluid Bed Bowl Mover A common ergonomic problem: Produced in stainless steel, absolutely rust-free and hygienic. Servolift IBC bin movers for handling anything that requires a hygienic forklift.

Mobile Bin Lifter Drive. Mobile Bin Lifter Push. An investment that rapidly pays off! This particular unit features a very small footprint and an automatic docking and lift system to easily drive the bowls around, thus allowing any operator to work in the operation.


Robusto Reflex V with Pivoting Spindle.

Robusto Reflex 70

Bin Lifter – Mobile KB. Robusto Reflex V with Pivoting 7 Foil roll lifter with pivoting spindle for loading packing lines fast and easy.

Its small dimensions make it excellent for use where space is limited. Quote cart is empty. Some of the website features are unavailable unless JavaScript is enabled. Robusto FH Special hand lift trucks for standard boxes. Technical Specifications Load-lifter with battery-driven electric motor. Robusto Newton Load-Lifter with platform and battery-driven motor.

A common ergonomic problem: Load-Lifter with platform and battery-driven motor. How to move large fluid bed bowls between both the granulation loading point, fluid bed processor and washing area.

Robusto Reflex V KB. Robusto Newton KB. JavaScript seems to be Disabled! Special hand lift trucks for standard boxes. Robusto Reflex 70 KB.

We can also offer explosion proof versions for both powder and solvent areas. Fluid Bed Bowl Mover.

The Pedestrian-controlled electric fork-lift truck, has a choice of lifting capacity in Kg or kg. Upgrade your painted carbon steel pallet jack to a Schneider Stainless Steel machine. Schneider Catalog KB. I would like some help and advice with: Load-lifter with battery-driven electric motor.


We have produced several hundred of these machines to date in both manual pushed and power driven. Special hand lift trucks with acceptance forks specifically designed for handling standard boxes Effortless acceptance and removal of boxes lined up in rows.

Not suitable for Halllins. To solve this Servolift produces several different designs, each based on the brand of Fluid Bed being used. Small, stable lifter with platform for professional use.

Robusto Reflex 70

Mobile Lifters Haolins Reflex 70 Print view. Low-noise, battery-driven electric motor. Continuously variable speed regulation, Electro-hydraulic lifting, with operating and locking brakes, Rust-free stainless steel design, Surface: Flexible and functional with a low-noise battery-driven motor.