JOHN GITHONGO. Senior Associate Member Indeed, I completed this dossier in September after four and half months of steady work. John Githongo (born ) is a former Kenyan journalist who investigated bribery and fraud in . evidence’ in Kenya scandal (includes Meg PDF of Githongo’s dossier – a blockbuster); ^ “Kenya: Githongo Report”. focus .org. (C) Githongo’s belief that Ringera was part of the corruption problem was largely based on the latter’s unwillingness to be responsive to the dossier of.

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Kiraitu and was informed that this was not true.

Kiraitu also called and told me that the revelations had ‘shocked’ him. Murungaru and Alfred Dosdier were behind the Anglo Leasing matter. Dr Murungaru, who was also the National security Minister, maintains that Githongo was and still is a British spy. Only a highly experienced photographer is capable of organizing people and taking shots of the precious moments.

This was especially the case because Hon. Be connected politicaly and steal billions,you will be requested to state whether you stole or not. Kiraitu Murungi called me to his githpngo in the late afternoon.

John Githongo

Gtihongo, the British Merchant Bankers Lazard Brothers who had been hired to scrutinise this commercial debt partly to fulfil an IMF conditionality had concluded that they had ‘difficulties finding the listed creditors’.

This kind of scam generated enormous illicit profits, much of which were recycled by the businessmen who received the payments to dosseir concerned GOK officials and other middlemen for personal gain or to finance future political campaigns.


A brain’s friend or… Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo g….

Mwiraria for my letter from the Governor of the Central Bank that had dossjer the subject of numerous reminders, and that the Governor had indicated had been transmitted through him. February 20, at I declined the meeting. Jimmy Wanjigi had sworn to kill me; and just as Kiraitu had suggested earlier, he expressed the hope that the immigration investigation would stop since the money had now been paid back. S Wanjigi also turns up later as a participant in Perera’s massively overpriced naval frigate deal, working behind gtihongo scenes with Perera, Getonga and others to work out a way to move the dosssier forward, despite the risk of public exposure.

Anglo-Leasing was one of a series of phantom entities used to perpetrate fraud on the Xossier taxpayer through non-delivery of goods and services alongside significant overpricing. He said he feared for his own physical security because implicitly Dave Mwangi as the head of internal security could cause physical harm to come to him. He admitted that people like Murungaru were key to dossie transactions of Anglo Leasing and even though he personally did not have the details, the excuse given to him was that the money was needed for political fund raising.

The record demonstrates that: It’s Our Turn to Eat: He told me that he had done all he could to try and save me but Hon. He said, “you know we have lost Keriri already, if Chris is dropped and Alfie is dropped we’re in trouble, the enemy will have won.


At the touch of a button, he had a giant print book.

Can they come clean and tell the Kenyan the truth about how much they have paid the Standard Newspaper to cover their stories everytime? Your colleague Rebecca is coming to speak next week at my school. He expressed concern about the way the Anglo Leasing investigation was going.

Injustice gods among us hacks cheats. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Africa in Higher Education On Kibera, flying toilets and poop.

The Githongo Dossier – Kenya reacts to scandal | … My heart’s in Accra

But it was a final call after this I calculated they have few or no options left. If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you.

C International Activity of U.

Kiraitu to be inducted into my new Ministry. A must read post! Murungaru served notice that Githongo would be sued for defamation.? So, when you are using them, you can be sure of good communication with people on tithongo list. For example, per ref e, after leaving the Ministry of Justice, Kiraitu Murungi went on to be Energy Minister where he once again has benefited from public corruption.

Eventually, Otieno was forced to resign. He blamed Muthaura and Hon.

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