Inanga. Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns, ). PDF Version. S.C. Moore. Every New Zealander knows what whitebait are, and most have probably eaten a fritter or. Learn more about the Inanga – with amazing Inanga photos and facts on Arkive. Description. Small, sleek and slender, with a small head and large eyes. Back amber to olive with a profusion of greenish-grey spots and speckles, and a bright .

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Galaxlas maculatus Jenyns Common galaxias are one of the most widely distributed freshwater fish in the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Share this image — Hide sharing options. Its vernacular names include cowfish, jollytail, common jollytail, eel gudgeon, inaka, native trout, pulangi, slippery tarki, spotted minnow and whitebait.

In parts of New Zealand, this species spawning habitat has become degraded due to activities related to agriculture, urbanisation, and land use change. A guide to the freshwater fish of Victoria. In areas where trout have become naturalised, common galaxias are scarce.

They are fished commercially in Gaoaxias Zealand, Chile, and Argentina, but the last Australian commercial fishery closed in Tasmania in the s.

Adult inanga are the smallest of the five whitebait species, rarely exceeding mm in length. Common Galaxias, Galaxias maculatus Jenyns More Info Distribution Galaxias maculatu s has one of the world’s largest natural distributions for a freshwater fish. Beagle, toPart 4 Fishes: Species Image Gallery prev next. Fish and Fisheries 7: The Common Galaxias has the largest natural distribution of any freshwater fish species.


Retrieved 29 May In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Dwarf galaxias Galaxiella pusilla.

It may NOT be used within Apps. Male fish then release sperm into the water and the eggs are fertilised externally. Competitive interactions between the Australian native fish Galaxias maculatus and the exotic mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki balaxias, in a series of laboratory experiments.

Is settlement at small spatial scales by diadromous fish from the Family Galaxiidae likely to be passive or active in a small coastal river?

Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help! Separating natural responses from experimental artefacts: Summary page Point data Common names Photos.

Balaxias by Torres, Armi G. Estimates of some properties based on models Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Journal of Fish Biology 75 3: Video of Common Galaxias embryos.

Common Galaxias, Galaxias maculatus. Marine and Freshwater Research 62 7: Rodents of Unusual Size. Environmental Biology of Fishes Adults typically migrate downstream into estuaries during high spring tides in autumn to spawn on fringing vegetation.

Galaxias maculatus

What many people don’t realize is that five separate galaxiid species make up the whitebait catch – inanga, banded kokopu, koaro, shortjaw kokopu, and giant kokopu. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Common galaxias can become land-locked such as in five lakes in Northland, New Zealandfeeding and breeding in large beds of reeds.

Ranges from along the Chilean side of the Andes near Valparaiso to the southern galaxiax of the island chain southeast of Tierra del Fuego. The role of olfaction in the avoidance of native versus non-native predators by recruits of the common galaxiid, Galaxias maculatus.


Marine Ecology Progress Series This showed that whitebaiters caught a relatively small proportion of the run.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Known distribution Predicted distribution Penetration. New Zealand Freshwater Fishes: Galzxias galaxias have iridescent silver eyes, undersides, and gill covers, and some have an iridescent green stripe along the top of their bodies which can be intermittently seen as they swim.

In most river systems, maculatud inanga makes up the majority of the whitebait catch, and thus this fish is probably encountered more often than other members of the Galaxiidae family. An important component of whitebait fisheries throughout the Southern Hemisphere Ref.

Human uses

Common galaxias have slightly forked tails, unlike other most other galaxiids, which have square tails. The increased nutrient input into streams from farming mxculatus lead to eutrophication. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Structure of the gonads.

Innovative methods to restore the riparian spawning habitat include using straw bales as a temporary replacement for vegetation. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A Field guide to the freshwater fishes of Australia. The eggs develop out of water in humid condition during the galaxiias 2 weeks. Eggs develop out of water for two weeks and hatch upon the arrival of the next spring tide.