View and Download Mitsubishi Electric FR-E instruction manual online. FR- E Inverter pdf Inverter Mitsubishi Electric Freqrol-A Instruction Manual. Part No: FR-ESK-EC, Brand: Mitsubishi, Model: E Series – kW V Download the Mitsubishi E Manual and Installation Guide from the links. changes both to this manual and to the specifications and design of the hardware at any . struction Manual of the frequency inverter FR-E This Installation.

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Page 76 – Combined operation mode 1 Operation usi Ground fault detection is made only immediately after the start signal is input to the inverter.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E500 Instruction Manual

e5000 Frequency At 5v 10v Input pr. For preventive maintenance, the parts must be changed periodically. While power is on and for some time after power-off, do not touch the inverter or brake resistor as they are hot and you may e00 burnt. Push A and B in the directions of arrows at the same time and remove the cover using C as supporting points.

Parameter values are not cleared by setting “1” in Pr.

When it is on, the operation mode cannot be changed. To prevent an electric shock, the inverter and motor must be grounded. Set “0” in Pr.

Instruction Manual Fr-e Mitsubishi FREQROL Inverters | eBay

Output frequency range 0. Handle the inverter properly in accordance with the information in each section as well as the precautions and instructions of this manual to use it correctly. It manaul not be measured accurately with a meter or general instrumentation.


Manuall read the instructions before using the equipment. The frequency setting signal is set using the optional control panel or parameter unit. The following list indicates purpose of use and corresponding parameters.

Stop operation when changing their parameter settings.

Page 75 – PU operation mode Operation using the c Relay surface on contacts. Their characteristics are adversely affected by ripple current, etc.

Instruction Manual Fr-e500 Mitsubishi FREQROL Inverters

Use FFT to measure the output voltage accurately. Page Page – Meter frequency meter calibration Pr Though the parameter values of other than the motor constant Pr. Don’t have an account? Page – Stop selection Pr.

If the operation frewrol cannot be changed, refer to page Do not use the screw in the case, chassis, etc. The inverter comes to an alarm stop if the number of consecutive retries exceeds the parameter setting. Load Pattern Selection pr.

Set “1” in Pr. To change the external operation mode Pr. The following table lists the cables and crimping terminals used with the inputs R L S LT L and outputs U, V, W of the inverter and the torques for tightening the screws: When there is a commercial power supply-inverter switch-over circuit as shown below, the inverter will be damaged by leakage current from the power supply due to arcs generated at the time of switch-over or chattering caused by a sequence error.


Check point Check the motor for use under overload. Pwm Carrier Frequency pr.

The inverter station numbers may be set between H00 and H1F stations 0 and 31 in hexadecimal. Preparation y Start signal By pressing the key at this point MODE without resetting the inverter, the display shows the output frequency.

Surge voltages attributale to the wiring constants may occur at the motor terminals, deteriorating the insulation of the motor. Do this position changing before switching power on. Page Page – Applied motor Pr. Forcibly switched to external operation mode.

External operation Read Operation Ensure that the frqerol are connected to the correct terminals.


Refer to the following list and prepare appropriate peripheral devices: This may cause a gravity drop when the inverter is used in vertical lift application. Push either A or B in the direction of arrows, and using the other end as a support, pull the front cover toward you to remove. Page 21 – Reinstallation and removal of the contro Inverter running RUN b1: Overload OL monitor rotation