Galeazzi fracture-dislocations consist of fracture of the distal part of the radius with dislocation of distal radioulnar joint and an intact ulna. A Galeazzi-equivalent . A Barton’s fracture is an intra-articular fracture of the distal radius with dislocation of the Intra-articular component distinguishes this fracture from a Smith’s or a Colles’ fracture. Treatment of this fracture is usually done by open reduction and. Bennett fracture is a fracture of the base of the first metacarpal bone which extends into the . Galeazzi · Colles’ · Smith’s · Barton’s · Essex-Lopresti fracture .

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In addition to stating the presence of the radial fracture and distal radio-ulnar joint dislocation, a number of features should fratkra sought and commented on:. The purpose of this questionnaire is to investigate Brazilian orthopedists’ diagnostic and therapeutic methods, complications and results relating to clinical approaches to fractures of the distal radius.

Barton’s fracture

The exact mode of fixation depends on the location of the radial fracture Scaphoid Rolando Bennett’s Boxer’s Busch’s.

The patient will often manifest a weakened ability to grasp objects or perform such tasks as tying shoes and tearing a piece of paper.

Fratura diafisria do tero distal do rdio associada a luxao da articulao rdio-ulnar distalNosso paciente: Unable to process the form. Perform closed reduction of the radius, then assess the distal radioulnar joint for instability, and perform internal fixation of the radius if instability persists.


Colles’ fracture is one of the most common among older white people. Case 6 Case 6. Basilar skull fracture Blowout fracture Mandibular fracture Nasal fracture Le Fort fracture of skull Zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture Zygoma fracture.

Galeazzi Fractures

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Educational video describing the condition known as Galeazzi Fracture. Imobilizao do antebrao em supinao por semanas Complicaes: There was a consensus between most of the interviewees regarding the following aspects of treating fractures of the distal radius: These studies concluded that there was no evidence that would allow decision-making regarding the best treatment, anesthesia and rehabilitation methods for each type of fracture of the distal radius.

D ICD – Avulsion fracture Chalkstick fracture Greenstick fracture Open fracture Pathologic fracture Spiral fracture. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Lisfranc Jones March Calcaneal. It was shown that there was no statistically significant difference between these two reduction methods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Galeazzi fracture-dislocation | Radiology Reference Article |

After immediate completion by the physician, the questionnaire was identified with a sequential number ggaleazzi filed. There was no conclusive evidence on the best anesthesia method in relation to effectiveness, safety and influence on fracture reduction. What should be further treatment plan.


About Blog Go ad-free. Queda com a mo espalmada e o antebrao em pronao Com a mo fixa ao solo, a rotao do corpo durante a queda causa hiperpronaoFratura de Galeazzi Diagnstico: Tension from the APL and ADP muscles frequently leads to displacement of the fraturaa fragments, even in cases where the fracture fragments are initially in their proper anatomic position. Avulsion fracture Chalkstick fracture Greenstick fracture Open fracture Pathologic fracture Spiral fracture.

Caso Clinico – Fratura de Galeazzi – PRODOT

Case 1 Case 1. Rehabilitation for distal radial fractures in adults. However, the surgeon is unable to reduce the distal radioulnar joint.

Fractures of the Metacarpal Galeazai. Characteristic signs include pain, swelling, and ecchymosis around the base of the thumb and thenar eminenceand especially over the CMC joint of the thumb.

There are also growing ethical and legal demands for cosmetic and functional results for patients. Brazilian orthopedists have concordant opinions regarding conservative treatment methods and the use of bone grafts. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Services on Demand Journal.