Meet the higher-toned (but equally bitter) Irish of Frank McGuinness, Carthaginians is a drama about contemporary Irish gathering in a. Fine Millennium Forum production of Frank McGuinness’s enduring classic. : Carthaginians (): Frank McGuinness: Books.

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The play The Hanging Gardenspremiered carthaginainsis concerned with Alzheimer’s diseaseand the devastating effect it has on its sufferers and the people around them. The short story “Paprika”, fromappeared in a collection of new stories by Irish writers.

Frank McGuinness – Wikipedia

McGuinness has explained that the arrival of US troops into the town of Buncrana was not only an invasion in terms of the military presence, but also an “invasion of sexuality”, as mcguinmess soldiers made quite an impression in the town.

View the discussion thread. By using this site, you agree to ,cguinness Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dubost, Thierry, and Alexandra Slaby. The end scene is particularly memorable, filmic even; part tableau part classic coming-of-age tracking shot, the Wizard of Oz meets Midnight Cowboy. Talking of which… For a northern Protestant according to my equal opportunities box anywayCarthaginians is at times an uncomfortable watch.

He has also written new versions of classic dramas, including works by Henrik IbsenAnton Chekhovand Euripidesadapting the literal translations of others. Both were vibrant civilizations subjugated by other powers. Feank Poetry of Frank McGuinness”. The setting was perfect, as this cemetery rises so high above the banks of the Schuylkill River that it seems otherworldly; you become unaware that a city is so near.

Available on the Internet: Steven Chang marked it frznk to-read Aug 06, McGuinness has described Carthaginians as “My play on the Catholic imagination Tout or truth-teller, madman or visionary, recovering addict or dissembling junkie?


Professor Frank McGuinness [1] [2] born is an Irish writer. There Came a Gypsy Riding at Almeida”.

There are no Protestant characters, only caricatures mercilessly mugged by the cast. This is Northern Ireland in the s, and monolithic belief in Catholic doctrine is no longer absolute. Years after Bloody Sunday, 1 which they all witnessed as civil rights marchers, they are waiting for the dead to rise. But he amends the text, dreaming of a day when all people will join together in peace as long as it’s Catholic with Catholic.

Views Read Edit View history. Music and the Irish Imagination: A number of critics have suggested that Ibsen is frani main influence in the plays of McGuinness, something corroborated by the writer himself, who has also explained that ” McGuinness is as well known for his play adaptations as for his original plays.

It is doubly discomfiting to recognise an underlying truth in the stereotype, but then having no rounded, real frak to offset the exaggeration. frak

Dubost, Thierry, and Alexandra Slaby, ed. Search inside the book.

McGuinness explained that he was inspired by “the women in my family”. Retrieved on 5 May The actors’ voices, as they moved around a large area, tended to vanish into the air, and sometimes were obscured by sirens or the sound of airplanes passing overhead. It took its name from one of his paintings, The Sacrifice of Isaakabout the Biblical story of the father whose faith is tested by God’s request that he kill his son.

Books by Frank McGuinness. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It has been described as “[a] story of salvation”. Inin Derry, British soldiers shot unarmed civilians who were taking part in a march against internment, and killed 14 people. And I went from there”. These people are well read and cognizant of history such as the Roman war against Carthage as well as The Flintstones on TV.


Music and the Irish Imagination

It makes you want to offer comfort, yet also to run away. Discussing his childhood, McGuinness has explained that, while there were no cartthaginians around when he was growing up, in addition to newspapers, they had “television, which is the great subverter, a wonderful wonderful sic source of entertainment at the time”.

Premiered inThere Came a Gipsy Riding asks the question of “how do you survive the greatest loss, the loss of a child Frank McGuinness has explained that: An echo perhaps of one of Carthaginians ‘ central messages that cities and human beings are nothing if not resilient. Archived from the original on 20 September You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

Coline rated it really liked it Dec 16, He sometimes takes noticeable liberties in his adaptations, in order to strengthen characterisation—for example by making the alienated protagonist of ‘Rebecca’ into an Anglo-Irish woman from a once privileged family—or to underline the theme of the play—for example in ‘Rebecca’ “I’ve invented a scene in which Mrs Danvers confronts Max and says, ‘You loved her, but she didn’t love you'”, carthaginianz or in ‘Barbaric Comedies’, a play about a world of amoral grotesquerie, he added a sexual assault scene.

He was invited to write the libretto by composer Julian Anderson. He is also a highly skilled adapter of plays by writers such as Ibsen, Sophocles, Brecht, and writer of several film scripts, including Dancing at Lughnasa, and he has mcguimness several anthologies of poetry.