THE LIFE AND MINISTRY OF FRANK BARTLEMAN. The Pentecostal preacher of today is obliged to spend most of his life in old drafty halls, with the poorest. Visit ‘s Frank Bartleman Page and shop for all Frank Bartleman books. Check out See search results for author “Frank Bartleman” in Books. Azusa Street: An Eyewitness Account to the Birth of the Pentecostal Revival [ Frank Bartleman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Let us yield ourselves for this, and this alone.

Sometimes there was a great stillness following the message. They responded by pouring dirty water through the floors and this would seep into the mission.

Frank Bartleman – Wikipedia

It was my life. I forgot I had eyes or ears. And the preacher knew when to quit. All obeyed God, in meekness and humility. He died in He was in constant prayer, hungering, supplication, and intense burden for an outpouring of revival. Bartleman describes this in these words: Through all of this, Bartleman maintained his faith in God, and in the goodness of God. Sunday night frano meeting ran on until the small hours of the next morning. I had never been to a service in a mission.


They never offered to harm me. I desired to know of the hereafter.

It seemed like judgment day. Bartleman wrote many daily articles for Pentecostal magazines and documented the events that led up to the Bartlemann Angeles revival. The shekinah glory rested there. I could not move. The young married couple rented a Parsonage and Bartleman thanked God for this blessing: He had returned, hungry for revival, and opened his church to meetings every day and night.

He tells of what happened in these words:.

Frank Bartleman – Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Extraordinary things were again happening in the meetings and Bartleman was privileged to be one of the early witnesses, and participants in, of the great Azusa Street Revival.

Here he received a letter from his mother which contained a bartlemna dollar bill. He sustained long-term injuries as a result. They all looked alike and had all things in common, in that sense at least. I fasted much, not caring for food while burdened.


When I first heard it in the meetings a great hunger entered my soul bwrtleman receive it. Bartlemam did not remain in Georgia, but continued on, eventually arriving in Pittsburgh.

However, God gave the Bartlemans the grace to persevere through these trials.

Frank Bartleman

The waters, that had been gradually accumulating, went over my head. Again, the Lord moved mightily in these services and Bartleman comments:. The atmosphere was almost too sacred and holy to attempt to minister in.

The Shekinah glory rested there. In one article, he wrote the following words: The Bartlemans had four children together. He bxrtleman his writing career in A little farther along, this time in Uniontown, Alabama, they again encountered rain and mud. It nearly used me up. It is impossible to describe the experience accurately.