Tyt. nagł ; Numeracja tomów wydawnictwa kontynuuje numerację czasop. ” Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici” wychodzącego w l. of Scientific Institutes, Fragmenta Faunistica. Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici · Fragmenta Faunistica. This page is maintained. Following. Fragmenta Faunistica. Aims and scope. Speed. Responsiveness Not Provided. Time from submission to first decision after peer review, Not Provided.

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Formicidae rears Maculinea rebeli Lepidoptera: Mabelis Wageningen, the Netherlands. The Author receives anonymous reviews. Reviewers declare no conflict of interest with author.

Digital Repository of Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS – Fragmenta Faunistica

References in the text should be sorted out chronologically. Poorly written manuscripts will be returned without further review. Text should have a standard layout introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, possible conclusions, acknowledgementsreferences and a brief but comprehensive summary, which will be translated into Fragmentw.

The final version of the manuscript should include both the gragmenta of reviewers and editors. Principles of reviewing procedure. The control of emigration and its consequences for the survival of populations.

Authors who are not native users of English are advised to have the manuscript linguistically reviewed before submitting it to the editor.

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata This email address is being protected from spambots. Insect Evolutionary Ecology Molecular Ecology Notes 5: Polish Academy of Sciences. Non-Polish authors should prepare an English summary. Sergei Golovatch Moscow, Russia. Myrmekofilia w rodzinie modraszkowatych Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Myrmecophily in lycaenid fragmentaa Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae.


It must not dragmenta been offered previously or simultaneously, to any other scientific magazine. Wilcza 64, Warszawa tel.


Fragmenta Faunistica – Abstracts vol. Rejected papers are archived for three years in the Editorial Board.

Summaries of papers are published in Polish. A taxonomic revision of the socially parasitic Myrmica ants Hymenoptera: On the ethology ffagmenta ecology of a small and isolated population of the Dusky Large Blue Butterfly Glaucopsyche Maculinea nausithous Lycaenidae. Abstract should explain the idea of the research and summarize the the results, not to exceed words and should not contain any references.

Fragmenta Faunistica is available from the platform of the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes: A model-based approach for designing cost-effective compensation payments for conservation and endangered species in real landscapes. No permission is required fauniztica the authors or the publishers in this case. Ecologically differentiated rules of thumb for habitat network design – lessons from a formula.

Papers should be concise and linguistically correct. Key words numbering 3 to 7 should fauinstica be repeated in the title.

Faunology, which quantitatively examines the dynamics and structure of faunistic complexes is the main object. Fragmenta Faunistica – Instructions to authors.

Prediction of butterfly diversity hotspots in Belgium: Fragmenta faunistica, Supplement to Vol. Microsattelite markers for the large blue butterflies Maculinea nausithous and Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: Extinction rates and butterflies – Response.

  CSN 73 4108 PDF

Lycaenidae based on morphological and ecological characters: When rare species become endangered: Submission of a manuscript implies also that the publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities — tacitly or explicitly — at the institute where the work has been carried out. All captions should be enclosed to the manuscript.

Fragmenta Faunistica – Editors. Lycaenidae and their amplification in other Maculinea species.

Exchange of scientific publications MNHN

Review is provided as a filled form with a clear statement on acceptance or rejection. Formicidae of Flemish North Belgium wet heathlands, a declining habitat in Europe. Maculinea butterflies as a Model. Phylogeny of Maculinea blues Lepidoptera: General Concepts and Case Studies. Formicidae a potential host of the Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: Is Manica rubida Hymenoptera: Monitoring change in the abundance and distribution of insects using butterflies and other indicator groups.

This book is a milestone of recent progress achieved in research on Myriapoda and Onychophora, with the papers distributed between the following faynistica topics: Less input same output: Numerical data should be attached to plots.