The poetry of the great Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad فروغ فرخزاد Translated into English Photos and Interviews Let us Believe in the dawn of the cold. Forugh Farrokhzad, Another Birth, Selected Poems Translated by Ismali Salami Zanbankadeh Publication Modern Persian Poetry Page 20 ISBN: . Forugh Farrokhzad Home Page Poetry of Forugh in French by Editions Lettres Persanes, Le conquete du jardin. Publication of Selected.

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Forough Farrokhzad – Wikipedia

This is the end. I told my mother: The third of seven children Amir, Massoud, Mehrdad, FereydounPooranGloriashe attended school until the ninth grade, then was taught painting and sewing at a girls’ school for the manual arts. With a fixed gaze like that of the dead one can stare for long hours at the smoke rising from a cigarette at the shape of a cup at a faded flower on the rug at a fading slogan on the wall.

Dear stars, dear paper stars, how can one take refuge in the verses of defeated prophets when lies blow through the air like wind? No fisherman shall ever find a pearl in a small brook which empties into a pool.

Then it is finished and they turn into greedy, indulgent, oppressive, shortsighted, miserable, and envious people.

She was a controversial modernist poet and an iconoclast. Perhaps life is a long avenue a woman with a basket crosses every day; perhaps life is a rope with which a man hangs himself from a tree, or is a child returning home from school.

Desire surged in his eyes red wine swirled in the cup my body surfed all over his in the softness of the downy bed.

Forough Farrokhzad – Modern Poetry in Translation

She broke with many traditional conventions and thus exercised an immeasurably important influence on modern Iranian poetry. In fact to even voice such a suggestion is unethical. Frarokhzad the moments of happiness knew your hands would come to ruin, and still I did not look. You, comrad, brother, confidant, when your reach the moon write the history of flower massacres. It is there where I am happy and free And I weave memories of this world Because your bewitching eyes Find my eyes And blur my vision Like your dark secrets That build a wall around me.


In other words, they are only poets when they wrote poetry.

Gift – Poem by Forough Farrokhzad

Mother is waiting for a coming and a forgiveness to descend upon the earth. In that dark and silent seclusion, I sat dishevelled at his side.

And so in the end the sun did not shine at once on both poles of despair. I am scared of the thought of so many useless hands and of picturing so many estranged faces. Retrieved from ” https: Conquest Of The Garden. What is silence but unspoken words?

Event occurs at Finding in my morrows a place to sleep Farrokhzas my world deep and deep. And the paper stars cicling eternity, why did they voice their words? The music of harp and lyre in a prayer room? You are the convulsions of ecstasy in my body, like a garment, the lines of your figure covering me.

Persian-language poets Iranian poets Iranian documentary filmmakers Iranian film directors Iranian women film directors People from Tehran births deaths Road incident deaths in Iran Persian-language women poets farro,hzad women writers 20th-century poets Iranian women writers. December 29, [1] TehranIran. Inostrannaya Literatura in Russian. The Sin [gonah] I sinned a sin poms of pleasure, In an embrace which was warm and fiery.

All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and farrokhsad provided at no charge Today it is poms official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

I sinned a sin full of pleasure, In an embrace which was warm and fiery. Subscriber Tools Renew Afrrokhzad. Ah this is my lot this is my lot foroughh lot is a sky which is taken away at the drop of a curtain my lot is going down a flight of disused stairs a regain something amid putrefaction and nostalgia my lot is a sad promenade in the garden of memories and dying in the grief of a voice which tells me I love your hands.


Forugh Farrokhzad — was an Iranian poet and filmmaker. With the cold moments of the past fleeting by, Your wild eyes contained in your silent demeanor build a wall around me And I flee from you to a pathless path.

Sexual Politics in Modern Iran. When a poem reaches a certain level of maturation, it separates itself from its creator and connects to a world where it is valid based on its own merits. My hair trailing deep-soil scents.

Read the full of The Sin gorough. Mother is a natural sinner and she breathes on all the flowers and on all the fish, and exorcises herself. Iran portal Biography portal Poetry portal.

Ah This poemw my lot This is my lot My lot Is a sky, which the dropping of a curtain seizes from me Poeems lot is going down an abandoned stairway And joining with something in farrokhzd and nostalgia My lot is a cheerless walk in the garden of memories And dying in the sorrow of a voice that tells me: Well, I cannot believe their poems. What is important is the work produced by a human being and not one labeled as a man or a woman. And with his eyes closed he can recite all the hard words in the third grade book, and he can even take away a thousand from twenty million without coming up short.

The Wind Will Take Us. Let us believe in the ruin of imaginary gardens, in idle inverted scythes, in confined seeds. My brother is addicted to philosophy. They subject it to laws.

I clasp to my breast the unripe bunches of wheat and breastfeed them. The Bird May Die Thank you Tomiannnolan gmail.