This page contains the US Army Field Manual on The Infantry Battalion. FM INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL. RIFLE BATTALION. This manual, together with FM , June 2, and FM 7 May , supersedes FM Topics enemy, battalion, commander, operations, infantry, force, combat, support, units, Identifier milmanual-fmthe-infantry-battalion.

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Ground Surveillance Radar This implies a degree of independence and risk.

FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion

Characteristics of Defensive Operations His subordinate commanders and soldiers must know he is on the battlefield. The AirLand Battle Initiation of Movement It is relative, not absolute, because it has meaning only as compared to the combat power the enemy can generate.

Issuance of Warning Order Defense of a Strongpoint When properly employed, it can defeat enemy armored vehicles from close ranges. Attack of Fortified Positions and Strongpoints No matter what level the conflict, the batta,ion that keeps the initiative through offensive action forces the other side to react rather than to act.

Exchange of Equipment Schedule of Fires Infantry may dominate in low-intensity conflicts due to its rapid strategic deployability and its ability to meet the enemy on equal terms. Conduct of a Linkup The speed with which forces can concentrate and the high volumes of supporting fires they can bring to ghe make the mixing of opposing forces almost inevitable. Such operations rarely maintain a linear hhe. All units must report information obtained in the normal course of operations.


FM 7 20 The Infantry Battalion

Defense from a Battle Position Soldiers should be committed only when firepower alone is insufficient to accomplish the mission. It may be supported by a Stinger section, a Vulcan platoon, or infanrty from the divisional ADA battalion. Reverse Slope Defense The combat elements of the battalion provide the means to destroy enemy forces, seize and retain terrain, and secure other forces.

Conduct of a Rearward Passage The infantry battalion has no organic, dedicated, air defense weapons. MK 19 mm Grenade Machine Gun Receipt of Mission He fights forward and issues orders as needed, f and face-to-face when possible. The S2 also prepares the collection plan designed to support the staff-developed decision-support template.

Combat Service Support System Commanders translate their initiative into action by issuing mission-type orders. Top-Down Fire Planning It involves maneuver at all levels and tries to use the full potential of US forces. Leaders must set the example in all areas.

FM – The Infantry Battalion –

Characteristics of Offensive Operations Security and Deception To accomplish specific missions and conduct sustained operations, the battalion is normally augmented by additional combat, CS, and CSS assets.


Organic TOW systems provide the battalion with a long-range antiarmor capability.

Yhe battlefield is no longer a one-dimensional 7-200 two-dimensional entity. However, the infantry battalion’s main air defense asset is a passive measure: Categories of Combat Service Support Battalion Logistical Estimate The second component includes all actions taken to keep soldiers healthy and maintain their fighting morale, and to diminish the impact of severe weather.

Understanding and using a common doctrine and military language enhances synchronization. Fire Support System Conduct of a Relief Before the battle, only capability or combat potential exists.

FM The Infantry Battalion : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It requires commanders to maintain an offensive spirit. Role of IPB Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. The thrust of AirLand Battle doctrine is to disrupt the enemy’s synchronization, preventing him from applying combat power at a decisive point; and to create opportunities for US forces to destroy his force.

Reconnaissance and Surveillance Completion of Plan Types of Retrograde Operations