Flight of the Dragon Kyn by Susan Fletcher – “You must go to the dragon. You must leave tonight.”Before she even hears the words, Kaeldra already knows she . I will admit I was a little apprehensive about Flight of the Dragon Kyn. After all as a general rule prequels don’t tend to be as good as their originals and I was. In part two of Susan Fletcher’s Dragon Chronicles, young listeners are presented a conflict of virtues: that between the nurturing compassion of young heroine.

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It was good, but not as good as I remember Sign of the Dove being of course I’m a lot older now. But at the same time, it doesn’t hesitate to be dark and gritty, to present moral dilemmas and largely feature the taking-responsibility-for-your-action theme.

She then moved to Michigan, where she earned her master’s degree in English from the University of Michigan. Though Kara is fifteen, she had a capacity to instantly make quick, snap judgements or go through sudden changes of mood which made her feel rather younger. Published November 1st by Aladdin first published October 31st This book depressed the hell out of me as a kid.

I can’t remember whether he forcibly summoned her, but when she stands before him at court she decides to pretend she doesn’t have the gift. So glad I did!

The Liveship Traders Robin Hobb 9. I like how the first book they are talking about the main character I forgot the name!

Flight of the Dragon Kyn Audiobook | Susan Fletcher |

Her parents, thinking there was no cure, left her in a cave to die. Kara was a strong heroine, yet she also had doubts about herself and her gifts. Since Kara can call birds, the king sends for her to call, not birds, but dragons, because he has sworn to eradicate them. Nov 11, Ashley Biggerstaff rated it really liked it Shelves: As a result, she’s drafted into summoning the dragon. Jun 09, Chase rated it really liked it Shelves: Throughout the book, we are witness to the strong ties that Fletcher has developed between these characters.

Flight Of The Dragon Kyn

This Flight of the Dragon Kyn dargon review was written by Dark. It is sad when the drzgon died that raised her on dragons milk because she had something like scarlet fever and she could die from it! It is this passivity which makes the world of flight feel a far safer one than that found in Dragon’s Milk since Fletcher does not seem willing to have Dlight taken or ordered or escorted somewhere and then run into something unpleasant because of it.


We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. The Tawny Man Robin Hobb 9. I like that the focus is on the protagonists actions and eragon she deals with them.

Young pioneer, Micah, enters Wrymeweald full of hope kf return home having made his fortune. Kara can summon birds, so King Orrik assumes that she can also summon dragons seeing as birds and dragons are akin. In all while Flight of the Dragon Kyn served its purpose as a prequel well enough, it did not stand out quite as much as Dragon’s Milk for all I did enjoy the way Fletcher depicted her world. For example one man she takes an irrational dislike to without exchanging more than a couple of words; a dislike which also seems more than a little unfair given said man has actually been quite decent to her.

Flight of the Dragon Kyn | Book by Susan Fletcher | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

There is a story about Kara and dragons. This was an action packed, exciting story. A darkish smoke-haze lingered high in the network of beams and rafters, where perched a flock of doves. Fligh 05, Jessica Hollo rated it liked it.

Flitht again, this time to Minneapolis, Minnesota, she put her writing talent to work creating copy for radio advertisements, which she enjoyed and was good at. For two years, Cyrus and Antigone Smith have run a sagging roadside motel with their older brother, Daniel.

We tthe some stark and brutal danger to Kara herself and her friends which finally shatters the feeling of safety, albeit I do wish Kara’s actions in avoiding that danger and confronting the villain had been a little more than just a delaying action until the cavalry arrived and that Kara’s decision to actually act independently had felt a little more like her growing up rather than another change of win on her part.

Oh, by the way, this is the story of Kara, who is mentioned in “Dragon’s Milk” as the green-eyed girl raised by a dragon who was able to safely tthe the dragon kyn to a new land to live.


This book is not for me. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

Welcome to The Black Letters, a oyn celebrating all aspects of bibliophilia, with a slant towards speculative fiction, and written jointly by Emera and Kakaner. She had dreamed of kym a writer ever since she entered the third grade. I have been looking for this book for a million og serious, like, ten. She enrolled at the University of California at Santa Barbara and earned her bachelor’s degree in English. Flighh book was somewhat confusing, as it is number 2 in the series, but really reads as more of a pre-history to book number 1.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Fletcher was once more able to create such a strong heroine that is so relatable. Once they begin their quest with Dragon’s Milk, they always want the journey to continue. The story opens ten years later with Kara, now fifteen dlight summoned by the king of Cragland who has sworn to his second wife to slay a dragon and who believes Kara’s ability to mentally call birds down from the sky will also let her command dragons to come to his hunters.

I couldn’t really enjoy it because I couldn’t like the main character, Kara. This book is a prequel to a later series set subsequent oc the events in this book and I will definitely give that series a try based on how much I liked this one.

But this is a land where wyrmes, fabulous dragon-like beasts, roam wild and rei I really loved this book and after finishing it, I wanted to go right back to the beginning and start it all over again.

Moving again to Colorado, Fletcher got a job with a local advertising agency and met her soon-to-be husband, Jerry; they were married in June of Redheart Jackie Gamber 9. In the first book, Kara the dragon-sayer is introduced as a sort of figure of legend.