Lacey Reah has worked as a teacher, a fitness and yoga guru, a healer, an actress and a writer. She has traveled the globe, living in major. Fireflies. Book review by Sarah Hayes. Linda had everything going for her: a loving boyfriend and a life that seemed perfect. That is, until the. Fireflies By Lacey Reah – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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The book is a little more erotic than I normally read, but not so over the top that it was impossible to read.

Mostly about sex, but not because she wants to get freaky with every woman she sees. So much has happened in her life and with heavy bouts of fkreflies apnea that it is difficult to discern the reality from the fantasy.

This book is destined to be a cult classic. I also found Linda, the main character very refreshing.

And if the reviewer was looking for something about women being just beautiful and erotic this isn’t exactly it, either; although both aspects are present in the main character.

Lacey definitely has a way with words that makes you see in your mind what she has written on the page. In her personality she is practically already a vampire before the gets turned into one.


Linda is a career driven woman who goes for a walk one night and is seduced and transformed by a vampire like creature known as a nymphomite. Convinced that her humanity has faded away, Linda adapts to her new instincts of hunger and sex.

Initially, I had planned to hide away in a darkened corner, curl up with a nice glass of wine, and enjoy Fireflies in a single setting.

Danika reviews Fireflies by Lacey Reah

This changes when she meets, and transforms, a woman named Jesse, who subsequently lashes out at her, condemning her for turning her into a nyphomite, instead of simply killing her. She loses her sense of civilization as is symbolized by her nudity and her raw sexuality and pulls within herself. To the newly nymphed Linda, every woman is a potential meal, another source of energy for survival — until laceg meets Jesse.

There is a reason why the sex is involved. An intimate and disturbing metamorphosis from woman to night beast, enslaved by a murderous sexual appetite. It seemed to lose a little momentum.

Sexy, Vivid, Fast-paced, exciting. I fireglies to hear more from Lacey Reah. Gort rated it it was amazing Aug 16, I was not laceey to write a positive review. Ok I guess let me put the brakes on a bit.

Jul 25, Katy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I hope to hear more from Lacey Reah. The only thing I can say; if you have a problem reading anything sexually graphic and erotic, you do not want to read this book.

Fireflies are beautiful, Linda finds out, but when Natasha mentions the nymphomites, she instantly wants to know more. If firefliea enjoy a world of fantasy and a story wrought with imagination, this is the book for you.


Fireflies is about a woman named Linda. Her husband worries about her safety, but Linda is sure that nothing untoward will happen to her as long as she is careful.

Fireflies by Lacey Reah – FictionDB

It was erotic and sensual and took my breath away firefpies times. I am sure there is some redeeming message in this POS for us all to learn from Fireflies Book review by Sarah Hayes Linda had everything going for her: Sally Bend on Oct. As Linda masters her skills at literally sucking the pleasure from her targets, she becomes more aware of the fact that she direflies never be part of normal human society again.

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That is, until the night a beautiful woman in the park seduces Linda and what would have been a sensual fling turns into a life shattering event firefiles Linda is turned into a nymphomite. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I originally read and reviewed this in August,

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