PDF | The paper analyses the importance of behavioural finance theories in household decision-making process. Behavioural finance theories investigate emotional characteristics to explain Kognityvinės terapijos pagrindai [The Basics . gyventojų elgsenos teorijos tyrinėja rinkos dalyvių emocines. solutions. This handbook will help the students, studying finance management, to foster the Buckiūnienė O.() Finansų teorijos pagrindai. Vilniaus. Finansų pagrindai (FIN). Annotation. This is an introductory course in finance. Course objective is to provide students with the basic knowledge in finance.

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Interference of the state into public life is necessary though the extent of this state interference is debatable. In fact, it firstly refers to the accumulated skills, knowledge, abilities and intelligence. The administration of taxes should be efficient to ensure budget revenues at lowest cost. A decision maker has to think over, which alternative to choose.

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fimans The best example of risk free investment is US Treasury bonds. Pagrindia analysis making individual decisions under unambiguous circumstances employs such classical optimisation methods as integral and differential calculus, linear and non-linear programming, stochastic programming and individual decision method, which is applied under risk and uncertainty.

COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use finxns. Making attempts to single out the most frequently applied categories of theory and practice of teofijos, next to such concepts as profit, interest, currency exchange rate, inflation and others, we will definitely encounter the concepts of risk and uncertainty.

The list of referred to methods is long — decision making experts are aware of a big number of other methods. Multi-dimensionality is characteristic of business competitiveness. Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir In terms of tax policy, the essential changes are related to dynamics of rates of pgrindai four main taxes in Lithuania VAT, personal income tax, profit tax and excise taxes from to The countries with higher intelligence of tax policy management allocate considerable attention to preliminary identification of the consequences of the aforesaid decisions.

Policy on taxes and social insurance contributions is an efficient means for regulation of unemployment and work efficiency. The identification of competitive labour market parameters was conducted and their projecting was analysed systematically establishing the most essential regularities of these processes, what creates conditions for business development and economic growth as well as ones for national security avoiding threatening employment-related problems.


Standartinis nuokrypis yra vinans dispersijos matas. Decision making under risk and uncertainty. The results of the research were used for development of the national security strategy.

The quantitative perspectives of development of labour and capital processes were established on the basis of the developed mathematical models.

Motivation is highly significant and necessary to ensure a continuous form of the reproduction process of human capital, which promotes personality progress and positive social development. Such issues have not been frequently conducted, whereas in Lithuania this is the first research of such kind. One more scientific problem, which is analysed in the reviewed works, embraces themes of efficient management of financial and commercial processes.

Laws on taxes and other legal acts have to be clear and not to contradict each other. Pagrimdai or subjective decision making is applied most frequently because it is cheapest and least complicated. Labour as well as land and capital are primary factors of production.


Therefore, the involved pagrindao of financial transactions, representatives of financial institutions have finane more comprehensively perceive interests of each other and the harmony of interests of all the parties of transaction. The concept of probability is closely linked to random variables. Integration of management technologies of competitiveness into strategic research on sustainable development.

It is assumed that numerical value of probability ranges from 0 to 1. Some authors also point to the level of employees as to a very important level of competitiveness factor.

verslo pagrindai pdf files

While making decisions in game or conflict situations, uncertainty emerges because one decision maker is not aware of motivation or actions of another one. Poulsonas ; D.

Following this principle, taxes should not impede but promote the economy and all the related processes. Thus, making decision on investing into such bonds, it is necessary to know that the return may be defined in terms of probability. Namely these qualities of labour force result in formation of the most components of the labour market, i. It is hardly possible that these bonds remain unredeemed or pagrindqi interest is not paid. The multi-criteria methodology for evaluation of intellectual capital was prepared that creates conditions for rational management of innovations and competitiveness development.


Fourthly, increasing personal income multiplies investment into the development of social sphere, which also contribute to achievement of competences. To achieve this goal, contemporary methods are applied that allows for evaluation of positive and negative outcomes of the consequences considering both the extent of consequences and probabilities for their occurrence.

External clusters refer to a special research-production centre established by several companies, where researchers and producers carry out research, experimental production and purpose more finxns products to enterprises, which belong to clusters. All this requires additional efforts striving for high quality evaluation of psgrindai between changes in tax and contribution policy and consequences of these changes that are not easy to observe.

Navickas, Duration of project implementation: Since methodologies for calculation of tax burden and taxation level are not available in Lithuania, economists evaluate tax burden in a number of different ways.

The regulatory function is performed, when the state regulates allocation of resources in economy, promotes or limits certain economic activities and influences macroeconomic processes fianns, inflation, employment through taxation system imposing pagriindai taxes, changing tax rates or taxation regulations, introducing tax exemptions, etc.

Under specific economic conditions, the amount of labour offered in the labour market is expressed through the individuals, who work or actively search for a job, as well as unemployed individuals, who are or are not registered in the labour exchange. Labour, as conception of labour market, is expressed as workforce, which consists of all the employed residents and the unemployed individuals, who are in active search for a job.

Labour force supply is mainly influenced by the following ifnans The object of fundamental research in economics embraces the work-related income, cost of capital or formation of cost equilibrium.

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