My Teenage Dream Ended has ratings and reviews. Tarra said: warning- longest review in the world. First of all- I did not even know this book e. My Teenage Dream Ended. By Farrah Abraham. • 10 songs. Play on Spotify . 1. The Phone Call That Changed My Life. 2. After Prom. 3. Producer Fredrick M. Cuevas explains the never-before-told history of Farrah Abraham’s album, My Teenage Dream Ended.

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Every story has at least two sides. And then the nurse asks the million dollar question Retrieved December 21, Everyone knows my love of all things Teen Mom, and I was all over that shit I’m a sucker for memoirs with corny names, and Teen Mom has been my guilty pleasure for years.

Apr 25, Brittany rated it liked it. While it was a semi okay story that filled in the blanks of everyone’s curiosity about her, it shouldn’t have been published. Maybe when MTV tried to edit, Farrah started screeching at them to mind their own business. I mean- the dude’s dead. It made me wonder, was this book even edited? I’m sure most females went after some guy who was also “douchey” at one time or another. Farrah is an immature, selfish, and a spoiled brat!

She was just hesitant to sing to it. Farrah clearly romanticizes her relationship with Derek, but from what I can tell he was a total douchebag and they wouldn’t have stayed together even if he hadn’t died.

Farrah Abraham’s pop music should make her an avant-garde icon

Okay, I knew this was going to be bad, but nothing could have prepared me for how bad this really was. They really honed into the avant-garde part of it.

Where do I begin, besides an eye roll and shake of the head? The next 98 chapters are filled with sex. This book was embarrassing. I thought this could be a springboard for my career. Teen Mom is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures and Farrah sunk deeper and deeper into being a rude, spoiled, ill-adjusted brat as it went on. When I was 24 or 25, I was working in Hollywood, Florida, where Farrah happened to be living at the time.


My Teenage Dream Ended by Farrah Abraham

I’m trying to separate book from author—I know very little about the latter that is not in the former—but it’s difficult because there’s no real ‘now’ voice, only the impression that Abraham thinks she’s never at fault. Or is it to make Derek look like the bad guy and even more so his mum and sisters? The Vacation Song – Single. It does sound like Derek was douchey, but I didn’t think this book was nearly as terrible as others made it out to be.

She sounds like she’s growing up, but I don’t believe she’s quite as mature as she thinks she is. This is after their initial romantic encounter on Prom night in which Derek convinces Farrah to “try” to have sex with him so all of his friends don’t make fun of him. At the end of the day, I knew that whatever we recorded had to go back onto the production.

I bought this book for pure entertainment value. In high school a bunch of my friends and I started making blogs. The issues with Derrek are similar to my sister’s baby’s father. May 08, Jane rated it it was ok. Return to Book Page.

So many of the problems she has are self-induced, yet she blames them on any and everyone but herself. I was even more taken with My Teenage Dream Endedthe album Farrah Abraham recorded to accompany her autobiography of the same name, both released in August Farrah spends the entire book either describing their sex life in great detail or completely trashing Derek – I hope his family never reads this! It explains a LOT about Farrah’s life on the show.

That was disgusting and made me throw up in my mouth a little.

‎My Teenage Dream Ended by Farrah Abraham on iTunes

This book was horrible. MTV lost some A-grade footage right there. If you are a fan of Farrah, then go ahead and read it. I was shocked to find out Derek had died, and kind of cut her some slack after finding that out.


Immediately I was in love. I was really hoping this book would be good, but I was incredibly disappointed. The first half of abrajam book is full of this fzrrah toxic, codependent relationship with Derek, her on-again off-again boyfriend. That’s going to be the sequel to this one, MTV’s keeping it under tight tight wraps though. It really allowed the reader to see what makes her tick.

I enjoyed hearing background on him. Furthermore, I also hope Sophia never reads this, unless she wants to read all about the crazy sex her mom had, the drugs she did, the time she drank so much she peed the bed she was sharing with a random hookup, or the time she started her period on that same bed with that same guy a week later.

That’s what she wrote in the book. Music Style Culture Video. Toward the end of this book when she moved off to Florida to finish her degree, she ended up sending Sophia back home to her mother to raise because she “needed a break. She talks about how she partied after Sophia’s birth to deal with her depression and only stopped when she did coke one night and realized she was slipping too far.

This is apparently something she thinks about a lot. She blatently lied to the boy when he asked if she was pregnant with his baby.

Slightly interesting how the author presents themselves in the best possible light yeenage all times and still comes off as a sociopathic bitch.

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