The front mounted winch fitted to Land-Rover models used different types and style of shear pin: Fairey Winch – uses threaded shear pin. Aeroparts Winch – up to. Unipart House. Cowley, Oxford 0X4 2PG. Telephone: Oxford () Telex: Cables: UNIPART Oxford. FRONT RECOVERY CAPSTAN WINCH. Capstan Winch for Series II lla, and III Land Rovers -. ✓. PAS. Supplied and Manufactured by: AEROPARTS ENGINEERING CO. LTD., (R.T.Z.-Pillar Group).

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This was during my winch collecting phase in or so I had 7 or 8.

Media New media New comments. Fitted one to my ’69 IIa which I’m in the process of re-birthing. This is a replacement part for the studs which connect the brackets of the 2.

Series Landrover Fairey Capstan Winch – Complete Setup | eBay

One reproduction distance piece for worm shaft. Aeroparts Capstan Ca;stan – Gasket Kit. I want to go with an electric winch and aftermarket bumper, so it would be nice if this thing was worth some money. Originally Posted by TS That narrows it down One replacement part for the Fairey Capstan screwed thrust plug oil seal retainer. Hi, A capstan is my no.


For sale is a Landrover Defender ex mod Capstan Winch. Landrover Defender Capstan Winch – Used. It is 1 mm thic Fairey Capstan Winch – Actuating Spring.

Disadvantage – if your engine won’t start, the winch won’t go. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Included fairwy metric bolts, nuts washers a Paint on it is tatty, and there is some slight capsyan rust, easy to clean up. The front bracket folds down to reveal what appears to be an output shaft. It is missing the bracket that holds the ‘drive arm’ in line with the pulley but when manually inserted works fine as seen in the video. One reproduction control rod for the Aeroparts Capstan Winch.

If you would like to register then please Click Here. It spins with the winch when engaged.

Capstan Winch – Pegasus Parts remanufacture new Land-Rover bulkheads for Series models.

June 6th, Messages 2, Points Factory new, never been fitted. Ron bought an entire Truck just for the winch Fairey Capstan Winch – Universal Joint. This bolt replaces part n This includes 1 brass shear pin: I’ve seen a few on landies for sale but missing the vital part.


The PTO driven one worked out ok for all involved. The steady bracket is easy to fabricate and I think with most parts is available from PG Winches.

Fairey Capstan winch – video & value?

I called Superwinch this morning, but they have no information on this “antiquated” winch. I may be interested. This one fits the engines with a 3 bearing crank.

They hold the moun Fairey Capstan Winch – Operating Lever. Some pics of it