The Art of Wrestling by Fabian von Auerswald. The Art of Wrestling: 85 pieces to the honorable and gracious Electors of Saxony by Fabian von Auerswald. Fabian von Auerswald was a German Renaissance master of Ringen (wrestling). In , at the age of 75, he completed a beautifully. Find the perfect fabian von auerswald black & white image. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need.

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Step with the left leg behind his right leg and put your left hand under his chin and stretch it out, thereby you turn him onto his back and the winning step is completed. Then I fall with my right knee onto the back of his right knee and press down into the balance, and thus he is brought to his knees. From it goes the backward throw: When he steps with the right leg then I step with the left behind his right and reach through with my left hand under his right breast, and thus I get his right leg with my right hand.

To perform the Half Hip, grasp your opponent around the body and place your leg between his.

Fabian Von Auerswald Black and White Stock Photos & Images – Alamy

This is the winning step. This piece is called the weak point of the arms, and means that you strike with your right hand on his left near the fist, so that he must bend down. Ringen masters did not specifically single out which techniques were for […]. Aueerswald video demonstrates the technique by dropping the opponent straight down after the lift.

Email required Address never made public. To find out more, including how to control cookies, fablan here: Then I take the technique that pulls with my right leg.

Index:Ringer Kunst (Fabian von Auerswald) 1539.pdf

Was ich heb das leg ich. And step with your left leg on the outside of on his left heel, then heave his right leg up with your right hand, and with your left hand push him over backwards, so that he cannot get away with his left leg, and that way he falls over backwards etc. Thereafter I step with my right leg behind his left. Da falle ich mit meinen lincken Arm uber seinen lincken hinuber und hebe von innwendig sein lincke Bein uber dem Knie auff, und trette mit meinem lincken schenckel hinder seinen rechten, Da mus das uberfallen und trit ein ding sein, so schnel mus er zugehen.


Keep the spine upright and straighten your legs to lift and throw him. That is the little wheel by the opponent. Das durchlauffen unter dem Arm Im angreiffen erwische ich im seine lincke hand mit meiner rechten, und zucke dir ubersich, und lauf mit dem Kopff und leibe unter seinem lincken arm hindurch, und tret mit meinem lincken schenckel nach seinem rechten bein, und richt mich auff, so hab ich in auff meiner lincken huffe gewaltiglich.

Wenn ich einem beide Arm ausgerissen habe, so habe ich beide meine Arm unten, so erwisch ich mit meinen armen seine beide Bein und hebe in zu mir und gehe mit meinen Knien von einander, so bringe ich seine beine uber mein knie. Then I have subdued him. Im angreiffen erwische ich im seine lincke hand mit meiner rechten, und zucke dir ubersich, und lauf mit dem Kopff und leibe unter seinem lincken arm hindurch, und tret mit meinem lincken schenckel nach seinem rechten bein, und richt mich auff, so hab ich in auff meiner lincken huffe gewaltiglich.

Here I grab hold of his left hand which push upwards and slip my head under his left arm and through, and step with my left leg between both his legs.

Das ist das Redlein bey dem Man. Then my left hand comes between his legs and I straighten myself up and lift him up in the air. Zum dritten hat er seine hende noch gar dichte zuesamen und verschlossen, damit ihn sein keger, theil, nicht irgend bey einem finger oder daumen ergreiffen kan vnd ihn darnach also zue sich ziehen vnd zue bodem werffen welches auch sonderlich wol sol gerne [?

Ringer Kunst (Fabian von Auerswald) ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

From the outside leg hook goes the slant thusly. The two wrestle from these positions. It is a remarkable work that is more than a mere catalog of techniques, and we as modern practitioners should be very thankful he was able to complete it right before his death. Dis sind die zwo Huffe, das auch ein Arm oben der ander unten ist, Darnach tret ich mit meinem rechten schenckel uber sein recht Bein naus, und neme die Huffe und zihe in heruber, Las in nicht fallen, so kompt sein rechtes bein fur mein rechtes, und trit mit seinem lincken schenckel hintersich, so ziehet er mich auch heruber, das ist sein Geselliglich.


Contributors Editors Forum Global map Hroarr. Firstly, see if your opponent comes at you high or low.

Das stucke gehet auch linck und recht. That way I pull both his arms away.

When I place my push hand on his right leg, then he should respond by placing his right hand on my left thigh.

When I have pulled away both his arms, then I have both of my arms undereath.

Fabian von Auerswald

The struck out hip When I am in a hook with someone and he stands too wide against me so that I cannot take the other hip. While treatises on wrestling existed prior to this work, auerswalf typically were smaller works contained within larger compendia of treatises from various authors that dealt with a variety of weapons and combat forms.

If your opponent steps in to perform the High Hip, quickly grab onto the rear of his left shoulder with your left hand while simultaneously grabbing underneath his right thigh with the other hand. Not only will you be holding your opponent in such an awkward position that his legs and arms auerwwald like the pipes of said instrument, but there is the added amusement that if you squeeze his leg towards his body he will involuntarily make noise from the pain as if you were playing him!

Thereafter I run fabin my left leg behind towards him.