HP EVA P Storage is an enterprise class virtual storage array family for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in. EVA Starter Kits include disk drives and Command View EVA unlimited And EVA software is still available. QuickSpecs. HP Enterprise Virtual Array . Link to QuickSpecs The EVA / family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability.

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A standard snapshot full allocated is a point-in-time virtual copy of the data, created quicskpecs seconds and usable immediately, providing maximum flexibility for user applications.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

Services for customers purchasing from HP or an enterprise reseller are quoted using HP order configuration tools. Windows management server supported. Users can also manage both local and remote replication tasks through the use of HP Replication Solutions Manager graphical user interface described in quickspecx next section. Administrators can now use the audit logging capability to see who did what and when.

This also helps reduce the operational costs of powering and cooling unnecessary storage while quiclspecs the environment by lowering the enterprise’s carbon footprint. HP Cluster Extension Software Overview What’s New Models HP Cluster Extension Software offers protection against application downtime from fault, failure, or site disaster by extending a local cluster between data centers over metropolitan distance.

Within a few seconds of when the Snapclone is taken, the entire qucikspecs copy is available for use.

A dedicated management server is required for Storage Essentials software 2. The P Command View provides a comprehensive software suite that includes everything you sva6400 to manage an EVA from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting LUNs, to migrating Vdisks between storage tiers.


The P software licenses are not transferable from one array to another.


Vsnap is similar to the standard snapshot fully allocated except that it does not reserve the same amount of disk capacity as the production volume being copied. With the combination of the Business Copy’s unique MirrorClone, Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies and an unparalleled easy to use replication manager interface, quickxpecs now can achieve new IT efficiencies.

P Command View software will run on any general purpose server including c-class and p-class blades or dedicated management server that meets the following hardware requirements: Server-based management is applicable to all P EVA models. If none of our support recommendations meet your needs, we can tailor a service solution for your unique support requirements. It also has the ability to generate customized reports with multiple charting options, which can ev6400 troubleshoot performance issues.

Language Production and Conversation. Once they are set, capacity provisioning and reclamation are automatic allowing the administrator to focus on other business critical tasks.

We do not provide the 1 TB licenses from P series onwards. Available 24×7, this 3-year combined reactive support option delivers onsite hardware support and over-the-phone software support around-the-clock. Fully Automatic Failover Automated failover and failback quickspes the complexity involved in a disaster recovery situation. A license is not required for the Quorum server assuming that the CLX Resource dva6400 not installed on the Quorum server and cluster nodes that do not have the CLX resource installed.

These efficiencies allow managers to defer disk purchases-in some cases, for several quarters-to some point in the future where both disk prices and the net present value of budgets are likely to be lower. Snapclones can also be created in different disk groups allowing users to copy the data to lower cost drives such as FATA. Integrates with Windows Active Directory.


HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

The Snapclone normalizes in the background so that no time is wasted waiting for the copy to complete. The EVA family is known for its array management ease of use. Other functionality such as mounting and unmounting of volumes and interaction with production applications can be accomplished by using a scripting language such as the HP Storage System Scripting Utility SSSU to create user-defined scripts or via the new CLUI.

Automated scripts, wizards, and Interactive Replication Topology Viewer reduce complexity and provide greater flexibility of executing tasks. Danitra Evs6400 Leaves Town day 1.

In addition Command View also provides audit logging capability of user actions and events that change the system state. No Single Point of failure Supreme redundancy: Capitalizing on HP Storage Systems’ capabilities requires a service partner who understands your increasingly complex environment.

In addition, higher utilization results in less power and cooling requirements by reducing the need for unnecessary disk drives. The result is that a Vsnap is a true space-efficient copy where capacity is not wasted reserving space.

Not only is managing replication easier, it also results in the ability to make remote replication 1 Less expensive through faster, automated methods that virtually eliminate complexity while resulting in fewer user errors. Plus,40 credits per year, select from an extensive menu of consultancy and technical services, such as onsite firmware upgrades, health checks, assessments, and education. HP storage lifecycle support services offers a full spectrum of customer care-from technology support to complex migrations to complete managed services.