Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack Ubfx-pro 16 Channel Audio Mixer 24 Input. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer is well suited for project audio mixing in home studios, musician rigs, podcast applications, light. 15 user reviews on Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro.

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But I own a recording studio and I don’t need them.

Lots of others feel this way too. It does not differ from other tables and you have a little experience goes smoothly ca. Amateur less fortunate possdant sound card 8 outputs ub2442fx-priand some synths and effects, I must admit that that is the only MODEL offered me the possibility to connect all for a low blow. I understand that users who are not poor ratings in the features sections, I have another table and yamaha soundcraft for recording and they do not have as much opportunity as this one, either in returns, distribution of high Speakers and settings.

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The direct outs aren’t balanced! Apart from that we are also a trader and distributor of a wide variety of Audio products including Behringer, Bosch, Crest audio, Peavey, Dean Guitars, Luna guitars, D-drums and many more. Year of Establishment Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Get best deals for coconut. The Liasons asymtriques actually introduce a lightweight breath. The price he has nothing to do with cons.

Use the Mid control to set the amount of boost or cut, and the Frequency control to set the center point. Number of Employees 51 to People. Reconnaissont him a certain fragility!

We are not in Avalon, America is not to be mistaken, but it is not in the same price either. I always had doubts about the quality of the knobs and faders of the mark A breath as this, I have rarely heard this. Who’s stupid idea was that? I have a VLZ it 6 or 7 years and believe me if you want, but the sound of the behringer is good. The ALPS faders are many Inserts on all mono tracks.


It seems to me trs important to note that using the input and output symtriques, the breath is almost inesxistant; to me anyway! The effects are really there to decorate, even if they are not really bad, but we are used to much better.

The knobs are small and close to each other which severely hampers the use of scne. Dj Devices in Kolkata. Nature of Business Manufacturer. The highlight of this small table is the 8 outputs deriere live there, it allows to go live on the multitrack recorder or sound card and record the instruments without going through the subgroups or by the auxs.

Let’s say it’ll live for the good, the masi enregistrment prefer the effects of your soft or external rack. Complete with a highly-accurate input meter, these effects are instantly available at your fingertips via the Program selector control.

I have owned 5 behringer products over the years, and all manuals are ridden with typos, run on sentances, and in the case of the fcb midi controller, it was useless. The built in effects are decent too, good enough for live use anyway. Also, I wish they would make a version without the effects. The amp makes a big difference, however, and the voices and acoustic guitars I have a twin price of Q at Joe Meek.

Get in Touch with us Dhanashree Electronics Limited. On paper There’s everything you need. The manual is comprehensive, although somewhat technical for a novice.


Console Mixer in New Delhi. Ultra-low noise design, highest possible headroom, ultra-transparent audio 10 state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMP “Invisible” Mic Preamps with dB dynamic range for bit, kHz sampling rate inputs Studio-grade stereo FX processor with awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects Effective, extremely musical 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid band plus switchable low-cut filter on all mono channels Channel inserts and direct outputs on each mono channel plus main mix inserts for flexible connection of outboard equipment 16 balanced, high-headroom line inputs with dedicated gain controls on stereo channels 2 headphone outputs; 4 aux sends per channel: Add to this our stereo Bit Multi-FX processor with awesome presets including studio-class reverbs, delays, pitch shifter and various multi-effects — and the UBFXPRO becomes an incredibly-versatile mixer for all your recording sessions and live performances.


As clean as the Mackie, but actually clear. Did you find this review helpful? The faders are smooth, the detents at 12 oclock on the knobs are enough to let you know that it’s not going anywhere until you turn it, and it is better than any of the other behringer mixers I’ve used in the past.

All the products we offer are manufactured using best grade material and by applying advanced technology. Like I said, they are good enough for live use. A good condenser mic is also very important.

It is really complete the scene was all the options imaginable, and in addition it is rack mountable. By far the best part of this unit is the direct outs on channels This review was originally published on http: We export most of our exporting range ub2442fc-pro Indian Sub continental countries, US, UK, Gulf countries and some other markets all over the world.