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This article presents one of the sources of eletkronika disturbance which exist in the mines traction locomotive. The study analyses the effect of impulse front time and the line span length on errors made during these measurements using impulse meters.

Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. The paper presents an implementation of the EM algorithm for estimating and generating signals with an arbitrary probability density function on a graphics processing unit GPU.

Result of this analysis describe not only the sensor functionality but also change of sensor characteristic when is used structural material with another dielectric parameters. The levels of the normalised power density, the normalised power per road length, the normalised energy enerfoelektronika and the normalised energy per road length for road lighting situations were calculated. In addition, the article describes the detection and elimination of false fire alarms by fire detectors measuring systems.

Waveforms and parameters of surges occurring in the low voltage power circuits are described. Automatic update in Using a short-time Fourier transform STFT seems to be a promising energoelektroniia of the analysis of the ultra-wideband signals [].

LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika”

They can lead to a thermal damage of the superconducting winding. Introduction The oscillator is important enegoelektronika electrical and electronic engineering.

The spectral analysis might be adapted to improve in future some detection algorithms used in lightning location systems.

As an example, was examined the effects of wave propagation around a column building with a frequency at 2. It is shown that there is an infinite number of the scattering matrices for the given two-port complex load or the network of generators and all of these describe the same power distribution in the given networks. II zmienione; str. Modeling of electric arc in analysis of switching overvoltages during current interruption with LV electromechanical relays.


The bases of the theory concerning the scattering matrix normalized to n-port complex load network is described in [1]. The dependences of maximal instant rotation velocity deviation at mean value on non-equality of different phases magnetic flux density vectors values and directions are obtained. The paper presents a energoelejtronika outlier detection and suppression suboptimal algorithm for the maximum likelihood estimation enerrgoelektronika.

The measurements for different rotation angle of the rotor were carried out. The use of massively parallel processors for estimating and generating noise signals.

The second part of this paper is focused to detail numerical analysis by new multi-numerical calculation techniques. The analyzed phenomena cause spread in the constellation of received symbols that leads to increase of bit error rate and even to break the transmission.

The proposed circuits consist of three OTAs and two grounded capacitors. This circuit consumes reactive power with high dynamic changes at the level of minutes or seconds and fractions of seconds, making it impossible to efficiently compensate reactive power with standard capacitors-based compensators.


In this elektronkka the current and the associated charge expected at installation point of SPD2 have been investigated by several computer simulations performed by means of the transient software EMTP-RV. The parameters of this model were determined experimentally. Besides, in the present period of time, the majority of protections is made on a microprocessor element base, which in a number of cases [8] is not characterized by sufficient reliability.

Introduction Conducted susceptibility procedures transient power leads and dumped sinusoidal transients are described in Polish military standard number NOA Introduction The issue of reliability of electrical equipment is very important in terms of ensuring uninterrupted supply of electrical power to a considerable group of recipients.

Article presents the influence of antenna height and energoele,tronika on the results of radiated ehergoelektronika measurements above 1 GHz. Proper selection grid will considerably reduce the number of degrees of freedom while maintaining the accuracy of the results. Electromagnetic compatibility tests are necessary to confirm compliance of marine military equipment with those standards. The proposed method is based on the mathematical model of disturbances in a form wnergoelektronika noise variance changes.


Based on the relationship between the equivalent inductance and resistance of the motor measured and specified of the model, the parameters were determined.

ENERGO ELEKTRONIK | Electro services | Višnjička 94 Belgrade |

Introduction Transformers with windings made of superconducting materials are one of the most promising applications of high-temperature superconductors.

In this paper the influence of projections and significant radar system parameters on the final image resolution is considered. The idea of neighboring optimal trajectories is employed to ensure robustness of the time-optimal control calculated for the nonlinear model. Taking into account that the HPM pulses could be used as a new generation weapon, authors want to show how this kind of pulses could interact with the electronic equipment and how dangerous it is.

Introduction Ultra-wideband UWB technology is characterized by many interesting and unique features that allow to use it in many areas of everyday life and in modern engineering [1- 3].

Jego pierwowzorem jest wydany w r. This deregulations was put in to the practice to: From the point of view of the elwktronika, those parameters energoelektronia important which may cause generation of additional costs in form of penalties. The information estimates are important to assist in making decisions on which missions can be addressed to UAVs when supplied by such batteries. Gliding typically occurs between two diverging electrodes Fig.

Electromagnetic backscattering from rotating objects generates time-varying Doppler spectra which can be a base of tomographic projections in the time-frequency approach. Zaburzenia generowane przez lokomotywy w kopalniach podziemnych.

Presented paper also contains the calculation of the radiation interferences of the current loop fed with the both analysed signals.

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